You Can Stop Guessing 'Masked Singer' Identities Because The Goggleboxers Have It All Worked Out

Forget about unravelling the cryptic clues yourself or frantically typing celebrity heights into Google because the 'Gogglebox' families have 'The Masked Singer' identities sorted.

The households watched the show's big premiere last week and it didn't take long for them to begin shouting names at the TV like the rest of us.

After bopping along to Octopus' rendition of "Fame" the armchair detectives began whipping out their phones to see if the internet could confirm or deny their wild guesses about the mystery celeb inside the costume.

"Could it be Marina Pryor?" asked Matt Dalton, guessing that sassy Octopus' voice could belong to the Aussie opera singer and actress.

Photo: Network 10.

As Anastasia and Faye peered into an iPhone for clues, they had to rule out one famous singer, for good reason.

"I was going to say Doris Day, but Doris Day's dead," said Ana.

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We'd like to think that if she was still alive, Doris Day would be very much behind the idea of 'The Masked Singer' -- but the other households guessed a few more contemporary celebrity guesses.

Even if it seemed unlikely that Lady Gaga, Demi Moore and 'Gardening Australia' host Costa Georgiadis were behind the Octopus' costume.

The Delpechitra family were sure it was Gaga. Photo: Network 10.

While Octopus' unmasking as Gretel Killeen drew surprise from the families -- they all agreed that Wolf was the best singer, even if they couldn't agree on who was behind the mask.

"Dane Swan, it's DANE SWAN, I'm telling you" Anastasia insisted, adding that she wasn't really sure if the Collingwood footballer could even sing.

"It doesn't sound anything like Dane Swan!" Faye said, when Wolf began singing Shania Twain's, "Man, I Feel Like A Woman".

To which Anastasia rightly replied: "And what do you know what Dane Swan sounds like!?"

We're all just going to have to wait, but now we really hope that the Wolf is Dane Swan.

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