Anna Heinrich Explains Why She Found It So Hard Not To Laugh During 'Trial By Kyle' Cases

The cases may be unbelievable, but they're real and they're often hilarious -- and no one knows that better than Anna Heinrich.

Sitting on the sidelines of Judge Kyle's courtroom, the lawyer often is caught smirking or attempting to stifle a laugh during a case.

Speaking to 10 daily, Anna admitted she knows she has to take the cases seriously -- it's just not always very easy to do so.

"People have come to Kyle because they have a dispute and they want it resolved. It's very serious," she told 10 daily, laughing.

"A lot of people that come here, they're taking it very seriously! I try to be as professional as I cam -- sometimes I can't help it," she said, "but I'm not laughing at them, I'm laughing with them."

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Kyle's definitely no Judge Judy, presiding over cases with fair wisdom and instantly quotable moments of sincere judgement like when he looked down at his courtroom and said, "Who am I to s--tcan some stupid thing like that?"

"Going into it you don't know what to expect," Anna said of Kyle's judging techniques. "You've seen shows like 'Judge Judy' that has someone with a legal background, and Kyle not having any and put in that position... I didn't know what to expect.

"As soon as he began I knew he was perfect for the role," she added, "I was wary... but he's very entertaining."

In one case, a man claims his belongings were stolen by a fellow backpacker from the hostel they were both staying in. We won't say what was stolen but, it's absolutely not what you would expect to prompt legal action.

The absurdity of the case is taken to a whole other level when video evidence of the theft is brought before Kyle, with the defendant blankly stating, "That's not me".

"It was a laughing matter to most people but to the plaintiff, it was definitely serious," Anna said, "we had the evidence to prove [the defendant] was there but, yeah, he just wouldn't accept it! We couldn't crack him.

"He did not ever admit he was there, despite the evidence saying otherwise."

Telling 10 daily that her experiences in Kyle's court were pretty similar to 'real court', Anna admitted that as much as she tried to prepare for the cases, things would always take a sharp turn into unexpected territory.

Anna would be briefed before each case, with Kyle completely unaware of anything about to be put in front of him. "He's someone who likes to hear things and respond in a really genuine way," she said.

"A lot of the times, I thought I knew what the case was about, but going into it and hearing about the plaintiff's side of things," she said, "that can all go out the window."

Promising some wild cases -- drag queens disputing copying choreography, a daughter who broke her mum's bed "while entertaining a partner" and an Instagram model who broke his nose when he was young seeking damages due to lost modelling jobs as an adult -- Anna also mentioned that occasionally special guests will drop by to help Kyle get to the bottom of the cases.

"We've got a number of different expert witnesses that help Kyle and I decide the case," she said. Though, their advice probably wasn't extremely helpful.

"A lot of the time Kyle listens to me," Anna said before adding, "a majority of the time... he doesn't.

"That's what makes it so fun, interesting and unpredictable!"

As for anyone thinking of checking out Kyle's court to settle a dispute, Anna's advice? Be warned.

"Kyle doesn't take prisoners," she said. "Whatever Kyle feels like on the day and how he wants to go with it, you've got to be prepared for what he's going to say."

'Trial By Kyle' is coming soon to 10 and WIN NEtwork.

Featured image: Network 10.