'I'm Addicted To The Show': Wendell Sailor Goes From Contestant To Fan Of 'The Masked Singer'

After 'The Masker Singer's Rhino that sang Flo Rida's 'Low' turned out to be none other than former footy star Wendell Sailor, he came by to chat about his experience on Australia's craziest singing show.

And despite the wacky reality show not being his first -- he's previously starred on 'The Celebrity Apprentice' and 'Dancing With The Stars' -- Wendell Sailor is adamant that 'The Masked Singer' was his most difficult project yet.

"It was hard! There's a lot of excitement, but there's also that fear of failure, but it was something I wanted to do so I could conquer my fears, since I'm really claustrophobic," he explained to 10 daily, adding, "It was totally out of my comfort zone but I'm really glad I did it"

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Aside from wanting to tick off an item from his bucket list, the former Brisbane Broncos star revealed he was keen to join the show due to his love of singing and dancing.

"After a footy game I used to be the first to go out and meet people to dance for hours -- it obviously got me in trouble some days -- but I just think it's great. I love dancing, I love singing, so it was the perfect stage for me to do both".

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Singing and dancing in a huge, bulky costume is enough to make anyone uneasy -- let alone for someone claustrophobic and standing at a whopping 191cm -- and for Sailor, his fears became all the more apparent during his first performance.

"Being a guy who's over 100 kilos, your body heats up and there's nowhere for that to go and I could feel the sweat dripping down my face and onto the microphone inside my mask," he said.

He continued, "I was breathing so heavily and then it got to the part where the judges were having their say, and I was thinking, 'Can you hurry up here?!' At one point I really thought I was going to faint because it was so hot inside!"

"But after that first one they tweaked it so the air had somewhere to go, otherwise I would have had to rip my mask off -- or just faint," he added.

As for his shock reveal on Tuesday night, Sailor said that it wasn't just Jackie O, Dave Hughes and Lindsay Lohan who correctly guessed the Rhino's identity, with fellow footy players attempting to get him to confess to his masked alter-ego.

"I've had heaps of the football boys asking about it, like just last night Benji Marshall and Josh Morris were going, 'Are you the Rhino?'" he laughed, adding, "People have stopped me in the street asking if I'm on 'The Masked Singer' so it's great how it just breaks down a different barrier."

Image: Network 10

And while Sailor is disappointed in leaving early in the competition -- he hoped to "get at least halfway" -- he says he'll continue to enjoy the show, only as a viewer rather than a contestant.

"It's such a crazy show -- I'm addicted!" he said. "I couldn't believe the Parrot was Brett Lee, and even Nikki Webster shocked me. I'm actually so addicted to the show, my whole family is."

He added, "I reckon I definitely know who the Prawn, the Robot, and Unicorn are".


Image: Network 10