Everything You Need To Know About 'The Amazing Race Australia'

Our first look at the new season of 'The Amazing Race Australia' features thrills, spills and one very aggressive camel.

Teams of two travelling across countries, from cars to camels, in a race to win $250,000... what more could you ask for?

'The Amazing Race Australia' is almost here, and it's been a few years since an Australian version was on TV, so we thought we'd break down everything you need to know about TV's greatest global scavenger hunt.

How does 'The Amazing Race' work?

With 11 teams competing for the top prize, each team is made up of two people with a pre-existing relationship. That relationship can be anything from housemates, a mum and her son, colleagues or frenemies.

Everything You Need To Know About 'The Amazing Race Australia'
An actual flying nun. Photo: Network 10.

Teams set off on a race around the world, following clues and route markers that lead them to a Pit Stop, which is the finish point of individual legs of the race. If you're the last team to arrive at a Pit Stop it usually means you're either eliminated from the race or will have to face some kind of penalty in the next leg.

The Amazing Race


The Amazing Race Australia 2019: Meet The 11 Teams

It's almost time for our 11 teams to set-off on one of the wildest adventures on TV, but first, let's meet them.

Who are the teams?

While we don't have the full list just yet of who's who in the zoo, from the first look released today we CAN confirm the following:

One of the teams is made up of two nuns, another made up of two very good looking 'non-campers' and a third team were the ones to bless us with that incredible camel mounting sequence that we will think about for the rest of our days.

How do teams get around?

At the start of each leg teams are given their "leg money". No, that's not their allowance for how much ankle they're willing to flash. Teams are given a set amount that they can use to pay for transport, accommodation, food and any other costs that'll get them to the next pit stop.

But what if teams use all their leg money? They'll have to resort to trying to earn money by any means necessary that doesn't break local law. Think busking, begging and occasionally selling their wares (that they've purchased during their travels, not items from home) to make it in time.

Everything You Need To Know About 'The Amazing Race Australia'
While they're "definitely not a camping couple", this pair is going to find this race... intense. Photo: Network 10.

This season will see teams travelling via cable cars, paddle boat, helicopter, taxi, planes, trains, automobiles and even camels in order to get to where they need to be. According to the production, almost 300 flights were taken and more than 270 taxis throughout the season.

What are the challenges?

During each leg, teams will come up against a series of challenges that they'll have to complete before they can head to the Pit Stop. Challenges range in style, but often they'll find one of the following:

Detour: A choice of two tasks -- each with their own pros and cons -- that the team must complete together, but make the decision on which task they want to perform. Teams can swap halfway through if they're struggling but that last-minute decision will often mean they fall to the back of the pack.

U-Turn: Basically a slap in the face of anyone who just finished a Detour -- a U-Turn gives a team in the lead the opportunity to send another team back to complete the second Detour task. Though rare, and completely optional, a U-Turn can make, and definitely break, a team's chance at taking out the top prize.

Everything You Need To Know About 'The Amazing Race Australia'
We have no clue what's happening here. Photo: Network 10.

Roadblock: Roadblocks can only be completed by one team member. Teams pick who does the challenge based on brief clues only -- for instance "Who wants some lunch?" could be all the teams are asked before they have to undertake a challenge eating 65 sausage rolls. (That's purely an example, and also our idea of a fun Friday night.)

Fast-forward: Giving one team the ability to skip all remaining challenges in a leg and head directly to the Pit Stop, a fast-forward is open to all teams but only one team can complete it.

Speed Bump: Teams that arrive last at a Pit Stop will often be eliminated BUT there are the rare occasions where teams will find out they've been spared such a fate. Unfortunately, there are usually consequences to arriving last. Then there's a Speed Bump -- a challenge specifically for the team who arrived last but weren't eliminated that they may need to complete before they're handed their first clue.

Everything You Need To Know About 'The Amazing Race Australia'
Beau Ryan will be there every step of the way to meet our teams at the Pit Stops around the world. Photo: Network 10.

When does 'The Amazing Race Australia' start?

'The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere on Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on 10!

'The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.