Nikki Webster Isn't Ruling Out A Comeback After 'The Masked Singer'

Following Gretel Killeen and Brett Lee being revealed as two of the mysterious 'Masked Singer' performers, the latest episode saw Sydney 2000 Olympics icon Nikki Webster unveiled as the Alien.

Bursting into the spotlight as a 13-year-old during the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening ceremony and subsequently with her 2001 hit "Strawberry Kisses", Nikki Webster seemed to have retreated from the limelight in recent years.

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However, that all changed on Monday night when the Alien was revealed to be the now-32 -year-old mum-of-two -- and viewers were well and truly shook over how much the former child star had grown up.

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"I think it is pretty crazy that people forget that I grew up just like they grew up and that I'm now a mum," Nikki told 10 daily.

"I think it's a big surprise to a lot of people that haven't followed what I've been doing but it's nice. Being a mum is the best job I've I've ever done so it's pretty cool that people are recognising it, plus it's been nice kind of to be involved in this great fun family show," she added.

These days, Nikki runs several dance schools while juggling being a mum to her two young children, Skylah, 5, and Malachi, 23 months, with the star revealing during her elimination that she hoped her daughter would recognise her.

“I just want my daughter to watch it at home and see if she can pick me,” Nikki told the judges, before saying to the camera, “Did you guess me, Skylah? I hope you did and I hope you love the Alien, so it was for you, baby girl."

Speaking about her daughter's reaction as they watched the show last night, Nikki said, "They were super excited! My daughter couldn't believe it because I was sitting there watching it with her.

"She couldn't work it out how I was sitting there watching it with her and on TV but she's very, very proud. She drew me a picture of the alien today and sent it to me, so she's really embracing the Alien."

Speaking about whether or not we can expect the pint-sized star to make a comeback in the music world, Nikki hinted that 'The Masked Singer' may not be the last we see of the talented artist.

"I hope so, I mean, that doors always open," she began. "I love music, I love performing. But I'm also looking at other kinds of avenues and a couple of other projects that can give the kids of today more opportunities in this country to perform -- that's kind of my main passion.

"Hopefully I can keep pursuing that and see what else comes along the way," she added.

And,  much like the rest of us, she's just as obsessed with finding out the identities of her fellow masked singers.

"I definitely have some theories! I guess just from listening to them sing and listening to the packages, just like everybody else. So I'll be interested to keep watching and seeing if my guesses are correct -- but I have no clue even from being on set with them!"


Featured image: Network 10.