‘I Thought You’d Get Me First!’: Why Hughesy Should Have Guessed The Alien Was Nikki Webster

After Australian pop icon Nikki Webster was revealed as The Masked Singer’s Alien – panellist Dave Hughes realised he probably should have guessed the pop icon’s identity a little earlier in the competition.

Hughesy had been being extremely sure that Olympic skier and former ‘Australian Survivor’ contestant Lydia Lassila was behind the mask but the real answer was a lot closer to home.

“Nikki was on my TV show, ‘Hughesy We Have a Problem,” he exclaimed, probably wishing he hadn’t been distracted by some of the red herrings in the Alien’s clue reel.

“I thought you’d get me first,” said Nikki, who appeared as a guest on the show in 2018.

Photo: Network 10.

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Hughes explained that although he had initially suspected the “Strawberry Kisses” star, he “went off track”.

But there was no bad blood from Nikki’s end, with the dance school owner replying with a very sweet “love you!” to the comedian.

We decided to have a rustle through the archives from a whole year ago to remind ourselves of Nikki’s appearance on Dave’s problem-solving show -- and she was there to answer a very interesting question.

Photo: Network 10

Hughesy asked the panel including Sam Simmons, Kate Langbroek, Merrick Watts and Anne Edmonds whether exposing his three kids to the showbiz industry was exploitative.

So who best to help with some advice on the topic than the woman that was thrust into the limelight as a 13-year-old at the Sydney Olympic Games opening ceremony?

Nikki jumped on stage to help Hughesy with his quandary, giving an honest explanation of how tough it was being in the spotlight, especially when comedians in the early 2000s made a habit of using the teen as a cheap punchline.

Photo: Network 10.

Nikki explained that, at her dance school, she tells kids that it's more about relishing the moment.

“I didn’t have a negative experience but there is also the other side of it, the ‘Enjoy it while it lasts’ because it’s not always going to be there forever.

“Soak it up, go for it!" she advised.

And nearly 20 years later after her big debut, Nikki's managed to find a way to enjoy singing in front of a huge audience again -- winning praise for her voice even behind that huge Alien mask.

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