Australian Survivor Crew Reunite For 'Family Dinner'

Season winner Pia Miranda caught up with former competitors Janine Allis, Abbey Holmes, Ross Clarke-Jones, Simon Black, Shaun Hampson and Johnny Eastoe.

The refreshed-looking group -- which included Abbey's partner, Keegan -- posed for photos as they dined at trendy Melbourne restaurant, Chin Chin.

"Hard enough being on Survivor but these people made the experience amazing," wrote entrepreneur Janine Allis, as she shared snaps to Instagram.

The happy get-together consisted mostly of teammates from the 'Champions' tribe, who faced off against the 'Contenders' for the $500,000 prize money.

Miranda was the target of numerous light-hearted quips from fans in the comments section, who joked she should have paid the bill.

Crowned the "smiling assassin", Pia was awarded the title of Sole Survivor unanimously over 'Contender' finalist Baden Gilbert.

One viewer wrote under a shot of Shaun, Janine, Pia and Abbey that the friends were "four of the nicest Survivor cast members of all time".

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"Proof that you don't have to be a jerk to survive on the island," they added.

In a chat with 10 daily, Pia said she was extremely proud of her performance in the show's final challenge but also of the tight bond she formed with Janine.

“I think it’s a tough game because you’re lying and voting people out. To have one friend where I said, ‘I’m not going to lie to you, I’m not going to vote you out’, it was really something I was proud of," she said.

The actress said winning $500,000 had been "life-changing" for her family.

"I haven’t absolutely decided where it’s all going but I know that it’s humbling and I appreciate it and I don’t take that lightly."