Is It Okay To Wee In The Pool? An Important 'Gogglebox' Debate

As summer rapidly approaches, the 'Gogglebox' families had an important discussion about pool etiquette.

While watching the ABC documentary 'The Pool', the households chatted about the multiple rules enforced at their local swimming venues and the often questionable hygiene of the bandaid and tinea-ridden surfaces.

"I used to work at a pool," Symon told his mate, Adam. "So gross, don't ever swim at a public pool," he warned.

It's advice we should probably all take notice of, especially after hearing some of the chilling confessions from other, very liberated, Goggleboxers.

Everywhere can be a toilet, according to Keith. Photo: Network 10.

As the doco rattled through the never-ending pool rules we've all grown up with (no bombing, no running), the discussion turned to "code brown" alerts and whether it's appropriate to relieve oneself in the chlorinated confines of a public pool.

"Everyone wees in the pool," said Keith, matter-of-factly.

"You wee in the pool, you wee in the bath, you wee in the shower," Lee accused her husband, who readily agreed.

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But it wasn't just Keith who's a fan of standing upright, or perhaps doing a few laps, while going to the bathroom right through their cossie.

"Weeing in the pool is essential... I do," said Isabelle, with her mum Kerry and grandmother Emmie reacting in disgust.

Essential?? Photo: Network 10.

"I do it all the time," Anastasia proudly told Faye. 

The confessions kept coming with the pool-pee brigade explaining that not even that particularly terrifying urban legend had ever deterred them.

Hollie Dalton said that even though she'd heard the myth about a purple dye activating in the pool when mixed with urine -- she decided to take a wizz anyway.

"One day I was like, 'No one's home, stuff it!', did a wee in the pool and nothing happened [so] I knew it was a lie. "

Look, we knew the ocean was fair game but this horrifying realisation that probably 70 percent of the population is peeing in public pools has completely changed our summer swimming plans.

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