Here's When 'The Bachelorette Australia' Will Premiere

We are so ready to see Angie Kent find love on 'The Bachelorette Australia'!

After seeing Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod find their happily ever after, there's no time being wasted as we anticipate the arrival of Angie Kent as our latest Bachelorette, with the premiere officially set to kick off on Wednesday, 9 October at 7.30pm.

Image: Network 10.

Going from the couch to the cocktail party, our favourite pocket rocket will embark on her ultimate quest to find her funny and passionate Prince Charming -- with a little help from her brother Brad, who will pose as a contestant in the mansion to get all the inside goss.

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Angie's Brother Goes Undercover In 'The Bachelorette'
Image: Network 10

"He was, technically -- what the boys thought -- there to win my love," she said before quickly adding, "Sounds so creepy when I say it out loud that my brother was there to date me."

Who is Angie Kent?

If you haven't yet met Angie, you're in for a treat.

The 29-year-old from the Sunshine Coast was first introduced on our screens in 2015 as one half of Yvie and Angie on 'Gogglebox', where the pair's razor-sharp wit and hilarious commentary earned them a legion of fans.

Photo: Network 10.

After the duo wrapped up their time on 'Gogglebox' earlier this year after an impressive eight seasons, they once again found themselves in the realm of reality TV when they both competed in 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!', where Angie managed to stay in the jungle until the top five.

Image: Network 10

Now, she's back again -- but instead of making quirky quips about contestants from the couch, she'll be swapping into the role of Australia's next Bachelorette -- and we literally cannot wait!

'The Bachelorette Australia' Premieres On Wednesday, 9th October at 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and Win Network.

Featured image: Network 10.