'I'm So Confused!': 'Gogglebox' Reacts To 'Bachelor' Finale Twist

The nailbiting 'Bachelor' finale took the 'Gogglebox' families on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Waiting to find out whether astrophysicist Matt Agnew would pick Chelsie McLeod or Abbie Chatfield, everyone was ready to see the traditional 'Bachelor' finale formula unfold.

"Every single series, whoever steps out of the car first is the loser," Vestal reminded the rest of the Delpechitra family.

"Whoever gets out of the car first, we know the drill, yeah?" Isabelle Silberry confirmed with mum Kerry.

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The Goggleboxers were prepared to watch things progress as they usually do -- with the Bachelor getting the dumping of the runner-up out of the way first before professing his love to the winner.

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So when the first car door opened and Chelsie's shoe hit the ground, everyone collectively screamed, outraged that Matt was going to break the quiet nerd and fan favourite's heart.

"Oh no," yelled Lee and Keith, with Lee then asking, "How could he do that to her?"

"He's f***in' chosen Abbie!" lamented Faye, alongside an equally disappointed Anastasia.

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But instead of watching Chelsie trek through the South African grass to get her heart broken, another car pulled up -- sending the families into a spin.

"I'm so confused, what's happening here?" asked Patrick Delpechitra.

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As they realised that they'd fallen prey to the sneaky 'Bachelor' TWIST, the Goggleboxers excitedly watched poor Abbie learn that she was the one who'd be heading home.

"Oh, they've pulled a twist on us," Adam screamed, adding, "That's great TV, baby!"

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With the awkward part of the show out of the way, the feelings of anger, then shock melted into joy as Chelsie finally got out of that car and began making her way towards Matt.

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As Matt rattled off his speech to Chels, Keith chimed in with some suggestions about how he should reveal his true feelings.

"Will you make chemistry with me?" he joked.

"Can I put your A into my Y?" he added, before being told to "shut up" by Lee.

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As much as we wanted to hear Keith's explanation of how an 'A' fits into a 'Y' or what he was even referring to, the big romantic pash between Chelsie and Abbie saw everyone fall silent, with big dopey grins on their faces.

"First time on Bachelor I'm actually happy with who he's picked!" announced Anastasia.

Thank God for that!

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