Cricket Fans Had An Advantage To Figuring Out Brett Lee's Identity

Right up until he ripped his Parrot mask off, even Brett Lee's kids didn't know he was under the mask.

"Only my wife knew," Brett told 10 daily following his exit from the show, making him the second celeb to unmask following Gretel Killeen.

"Now it's like I can actually breathe again! I can relax," he said, "It's been secrecy the last couple of months. You've got to be careful if you've got people over and you see a promo come on -- you've got to bite your tongue."

The international cricketer and former Bollywood star was another shock reveal -- for Australia and his family at home.

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"I was watching with my family," he said, "I'm on a WhatsApp group with my family on both sides and they watched Monday night without me even telling them. So the whole family were texting saying, 'How good was last night?'"

Brett added that his 3-year-old daughter was already a huge fan of the Hoodoo Gurus' classic "What's My Scene" because she had heard her dad singing it around the house. What she wasn't expecting was the beautiful 6-foot Parrot on the TV to rip its own head off at the end of the show.

"She was mortified," he said, laughing, adding that she initially thought the parrot had died.

While a lot of people were surprised by the reveal, there were a few people who immediately cracked it, and there's a really good theory as to how.

For Gretel's reveal, two of the former 'Big Brother' residents -- Reggie Sorensen and Chrissie Swan -- were two who easily guessed her identity, probably due to the number of times they heard her voice booming through the BB house.

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In Brett's case, he's been a commentator for years, meaning there are a ton of cricket fans who would be very used to hearing his voice without seeing his face.

"You don't normally punch out a song in the comm box though," Brett added.

Brett agreed to join the cast of the show because, as he put it, "Life's too short!"

Cricket Fans Have An Advantage To Figuring Out Brett Lee's Identity
Photo: Network 10.

Despite being approached for other celeb competitions, 'The Masked Singer' appealed to the cricketer because of its unique nature.

"It wasn't a singing show," he said. "Yes, there's singing involve and you've got to get out there and sing but it's all the colourful elements around the show.

"It's the 'Who's behind it', we can come from all walks of life. I don't take myself too seriously, I didn't go out there and try to be the next Bon Jovi, I wanted to try my best and sing as good as I could and have fun doing it."

Brett admitted -- despite being part of the band Six & Out -- the whole experience taught him a lot about music.

"It's just another feather in my cap," the unmasked Parrot said with a wink.

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

Featured image: Network 10.