'You're Gonna Regret That': The Wildest Guesses On 'The Masked Singer' Australia So Far

There could be almost anyone hiding beneath the colourful costumes on 'The Masked Singer Australia'.

The elaborate outfits, backstage disguises and high security surrounding the show means that no-one has a clue about which celebs are secretly singing behind the masks. Not even Osher!

So there shouldn't really be such a thing as a 'wild guess' because the whole show is pretty wild -- but some guesses from the judges seem a little more far-fetched than others.

Specifically, most of the guesses made by Dave Hughes.

Hughesy: Julia Gillard As Lion
Photo: Network 10.

Look, nothing would make us happier than finding out that the former prime minister donned a pair of gold boots and belted out Panic! At The Disco's "High Hopes" but we feel as though this could be wishful thinking on Hughsey's part.

"I'm seeing another redhead dominating, there's no doubt about that and someone who's powerful who was in charge of a big island," he said, piecing together Lion's clues in a very creative way.

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"I'm feeling like it could be Julia Gillard," he said, adding that, while he had no idea if she could sing, if she could, she'd probably be good at it.

Julia has recently formed a friendship with Rihanna, so it's entirely possible that she's been inspired to pick up a microphone but the guess caused Dannii to shove Dave in frustration.

"I just want to part her teeth curtains!" Hughesy sighed.

Photo: Network 10.
Lindsay: Mark Holden As Lion

All the clues seemed to be pointing towards someone involved with 'Australian Idol' but we're doubting the owner of that soulful, feminine voice in the Lion costume belongs to former judge, Mark Holden.

We're impressed that Lindsay has been researching Australian pop culture but this guess is most likely way off the... mark.

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Hughesy And Dannii: Kris Smith As Prawn And Parrot
Photo: Network 10.

During the premiere, Hughesy was certain that the sexy Prawn had whispered Dannii's name during his rendition of "Suspicious Minds" and asked whether it could be her ex-partner, Kris Smith.

The following night, it was Dannii who threw Kris' name out there again, asking Parrot directly whether he was in fact, her former boyfriend, telling the panel that he "loves singing".

Which she probably regretted because it was then Hughesy who commented that she would "know what he sounds like in the dark".

"You're going to regret that," Dannii sternly told the comic.

hughesy: Miley Cyrus As Monster
Photo: Network 10.

Dave has chosen to ignore the validity of most of the clues so far and has instead used his own shoddy detective work to guess the identities of the Masked Singers. Monster's round costume shape reminded him of a giant, furry wrecking ball so, of course, he guessed it had to be Miley.

After her split with Liam Hemsworth, Miley's probably taking a big ol' break from visiting Australia but we'll have to wait for Monster's unmasking before we can really say, 'I told you so'.

Dannii: Willow Smith As Spider

The Spider mentioned a famous dad and seems to have an American accent but she's got a pretty regular gig appearing on her Facebook show 'Red Table Talk' with mum Jada and grandmother Gammy. She did just release a new album in July but we aren't convinced that Spider likes to whip her hair back and forth.

Hughesy: Jamie Oliver As Prawn
Photo: Network 10.

The Naked Chef is more into prawn spaghetti or sticky mango prawns -- not dressing up in a giant prawn costume and singing Elvis songs.

While he did put together this little ditty with Ed Sheeran (another Prawn guess!) for Food Revolution Day in 2015, the vocals sound completely different.

Hughesy: Angus Young As Alien
Photo: Network 10.

The clue about "heavy metal coming my way" led Dave to guess that AC/DC guitarist Angus Young is the one hiding behind the Alien costume.

"Yes, he's got a house in Sydney!" said Dave, suddenly believing his own wild stab in the dark.

We're going to shut this one down because Google tells us that Angus is 1.57m tall while Alien is 1.55m so the heigh discrepancy is way off.

That, and Alien doesn't sound at all like a 64-year-old rock-and-roller.

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.