Lindsay Lohan Had A Secret Advantage On 'The Masked Singer'

Dannii Minogue has revealed that Lindsay Lohan might have a better shot at guessing the identities of the Masked Singers than we first thought.

While we've all assumed that, not being from Australia, Linds might have trouble picking any local celebs but Dannii told 'The Project' panel ahead of the premiere that Lohan had a few unexpected advantages.

After Waleed Aly jokingly asked how many times Lindsay had reacted by saying, "Who the hell is that?" when someone took their mask off, Dannii shut down the assumption.

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"Before we started, the producers said to her, 'You personally know four out of the 12 people performing'".

Personally! That means she probably has a bigger headstart than comedian Dave Hughes -- who has already been making some wild stabs in the dark (the Alien just can't be Angus Young?!).

Photo: Network 10.

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While Dannii refused to tell 'The Project' any clues about 'The Masked Singer' identities, she did entertain the idea of working on a duet with her fellow panellist.

"She was playing me some of my new music and it was awesome," she said of Lindsay's unreleased new tracks. 

"If the opportunity came up, absolutely," she said of a possible collab. 

And we would absolutely listen to it.

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.