'Why Am I Being Turned On By A Robot?!': The Unintentional Consequences Of 'The Masked Singer'

Oh no.

Following the debut of 'The Masked Singer Australia', the nation had so many questions. Sure, most of those were "Who are the celebrities under the mask?"

But one question haunted a small handful of concerned citizens.

"Am I supposed to find that one-eyed pirate prawn hot?"

As the clock ticked over to 4.03 am, they lay awake, their mind racing with thoughts of the 6-foot gyrating crustacean.

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"How do I talk to my parents about this?" they wondered as they began emailing their bosses that they can't come into work today and are taking a mental health prawn -- er, day.

Appearing in the first showdown against the Alien, Prawn serenaded our panel with a rendition of 'Suspicious Minds'.

Although none of the performers are allowed to speak, and because they're wearing masks so you can't see their facial expressions, our prawn bae had to rely on body language, but boy did he have a lot to say.

Even the panel agreed, Jackie O admitted after watching him croon, "I've never found a prawn hot before, but you've got some kind of swagger going on."

But that's not all. Later in the evening, Robot came out and impressed the judges with his vocals... and his slick moves.

Photo: Network 10.

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Despite showing off just how limber a robot really can be, there was something sweet about Robot -- which was a nice change to the raw sexuality emanating from the likes of Prawn and Wolf and -- oh god what are we even saying.

Seriously, this isn't an isolated incident, Prawn, Wolf, Robot and night two's Rhino all had... thirsty fans.

The Masked Singer: Wolf's First Performance

Because the show is structured around the anonymity of singers, there's an element of projection -- viewers see the Rhino's chiselled abs, flanked by two shirtless centurions, sweetly singing George Ezra's "Shotgun" and what are they to do BUT fall in lust?

The Masked Singer: Rhino's First Performance

Perhaps it's just the brilliant work of costume designer Tim Chappel who has not only been able to wow audiences with the incredible designs and outrageous outfits, or maybe we're just a sick, sick nation who really want to find out who's under that mask... but, not in a huge rush or anything.

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

Featured image: Network 10.