Gretel Killeen Says Performing On 'Masked Singer' Was 'More Nerve-Wracking Than Hosting Big Brother'

Viewers were beyond shocked when 'The Masked Singer' premiere saw the reveal of the singing Octopus to be none other than former 'Big Brother' host, Gretel Killeen.

If you grew up watching Aussie TV in the early to mid-2000s, you'd no doubt be familiar with the host-turned author.

Belting out the theme tune from the hit musical "Fame" and dressed as the Octopus, Killeen, 56, was sent home from the competition after landing in the bottom three with the Wolf and the Alien.

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Image: Network 10

Lucky for us though, it meant that her true identity could be revealed -- and her unmasking had the nation collectively SHOOK.

"I love doing things like this to push my boundaries and test myself," Gretel told 10 daily following her elimination.

"I really was nervous -- I found it quite stressful to do! But I was asked, and I thought, 'Well, the worst thing you can do is look like a complete goose dressed as an octopus, so why not?'

"I actually think hosting Big Brother was less nerve-racking than singing because on Big Brother I know who I am -- but I don't know who I am when I'm an octopus singing!"

Instead of looking like a goose, the crowd were pleasantly surprised to see that it was Killeen behind the mask -- well, everyone except for former 'Big Brother' contestants Reggie Bird and Chrissy Swan, who accurately guessed that Killeen was hiding under all those tentacles.

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"I guess it's indicative of how important that vocal context was when they were in the Big Brother house seeing as they can still recognise my voice -- because most people didn't!" Gretel told 10 daily.

Gretel went on to explain that due to the nature of the extravagant costumes, producers have to carefully ensure that each contestant can actually sing properly while wearing the suits.

Image: Network 10

"The audio department had this really big challenge because it's like having a little cave on your head," Gretel said. "Particularly for those of us -- and I don't know how many there are -- who are not singers, we're already doing the nervous breathing, trying to remember our lines and trying to find those notes."

And while she may have looked fabulous as she rocked the deep-sea chic look, Gretel added that getting around while in character required some outside assistance.

"I couldn't really see and I was in really high heels, so that's why people were holding my hand -- to stop me from falling over!" she laughed, adding, "Some of the other characters are wearing really heavy masks, or they can't walk properly, others have more mobility."

Image: Network 10

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When asked how she managed to keep the secret from guessing panellist Dave Hughes -- who upon her reveal claimed to have been with her just days beforehand -- Gretel dropped an interesting bit of goss.

"He wasn't even with me!" she exclaimed, adding, "I guess he had this imaginary scenario where we got together and had a chat or something, but we didn't. He's cheeky! We used to work together and I adore him, he's just cheeky, that's what he does".

And while Gretel may have made the earliest exit, she admitted she's kind of relieved at not having to go further in the competition.

"It's hard work, and I was a bit lonely because you're not allowed to talk to anybody and I do love to gasbag," she said.

She added, "But it's great, now I get to move off the stage and let the real singers do it!'"


Featured image: Network 10.