Sunshine State Heroes: Ambulance Australia Is Heading To Queensland

The third season of 'Ambulance Australia' is set to showcase the hard work of paramedics in Queensland.

While the series has previously followed the work of NSW ambos, we'll now get to see the efforts of triple-zero call operators and emergency officers on the ground in the busiest ambulance state in Australia.

Queensland recorded more ambulance responses -- over 1.2 million -- during the 2017-2018 financial year, more than any other state in the country.

“It’s rare for the public to get a behind the scenes glimpse of our operations so this is an exciting way to highlight the care, compassion and professionalism shown by our staff," the QLD Ambulance Service Commissioner, Russell Bowles said in a statement.

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Bowles hopes the series will give the public a better understanding not just of the "difficult work" that paramedics and dispatchers are carrying out every day -- but also educate people about what to do in an emergency situation.

Network 10's Chief Content Officer, Beverley McGarvey said she was "thrilled" the series was returning to showcase the Sunny state's paramedics.

"The heart-warming and often heartbreaking cases, together with 'Ambulance Australia’s compelling approach to storytelling has resonated so powerfully with Australian viewers," she said.

"With the most number of responses to incidents of any state, we can’t wait to see the Queensland paramedics in action.”

The third series will air in 2020, but you can catch up on previous episodes over on 10 play in the meantime.

Ambulance Australia Is Returning To 10 In 2020. Only On 10 And WIN Network.

Main Image: Network 10.