The Wildest Characters From The Korean 'Masked Singer'

Since 2015, 'The Masked Singer' has exploded in countries across the globe -- but the original Korean version takes the cake when it comes to unusual characters.

While our Aussie version has a radiant Lion, a sexy Rhino, an Octopus that looks like a '60s go-go dancer and a giant Prawn dressed like a pirate -- the list of identities from 'The King Of Mask Singer' in Korea reads like a beautiful psychedelic fever dream.

Presumably, because there are just so many episodes that have been taped in Seoul, the creators have had to come up with increasingly bizarre characters for their singing celebs to transform into.

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The costumes are a little more low-key than Australia, usually featuring a cape, a pair of gloves and a glittery mask but the nuanced personalities are a technicolour mix of niche celebrities, poetic phrases, hybrid animals and delicious food items.

The standard of singing from K-Pop stars who secretly appear on the show is astronomically high -- making the show even more fun when a performance by a bag of popcorn has the power to bring you to tears.

Let's dive into the wacky world of 'The King Of Mask Singer'!

Animals We Wish Were Real
The only show where a cricket has such lustrous locks. Photo: YouTube.

The critters who grace the stage in South Korea aren't like anything you've seen at the zoo. There's been a Sexy Vocal Cricket, Amazon Cat Girl, The Sea Otter Baby Seahorse, a Flowering Silky Fowl, a Party Queen Grasshopper,  a Blowfish Lady, and someone called The Master Of Transformation 'Raccoon'.

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International Celebrities And Landmarks
Bob Ross has the voice of an angel, who knew? Photo: YouTube.

'The King Of Mask Singer' has chosen celebrity characters very carefully, only picking the most creative, left-of-field identities. Pop culture icon and host of 'The Joy Of Painting, Bob Ross, has made an appearance as well as artists Salvador Dali, Picasso, and Klimt.

Other celebs include Madonna, David Beckham and Pavarotti, of course!

You've never heard Madonna like this before. Photo: YouTube.

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A Smorgasbord Of Delicious Treats

If there were this many characters on the Australian version with food-related names, we'd be running to the kitchen absolutely STARVING during every ad break.

While this might read like a menu at a delicious restaurant, don't be fooled because they're actually 'Masked Singer' characters!

Celebs have donned costumes as Assorted Pancakes, a Half-Moon Rice Cake, Giant Chestnuts of Bread, Ready To Order Popcorn Girl, Ginger Man, Boiled Chicken, Fried Chicken and Fruit Ice Flakes With Syrup.

When your favourite foods face each other in a sing-off. Photo: YouTube.
Poems And Sage Advice

This is where we truly take our hats off to 'The King Of Mask Singer' because this kind of creativity is unparalleled.

These characters could be the names of a collection of short stories or poetry like Perception Changes Boy, The First Snow Of The Season, More Beautiful Than Flowers Deer, and Devoted Singer Carnation Man.

Finding Your Aunt resembles the clown-fish from ' Finding Nemo' but dressed in overalls while Mother Said Nope To UV is decked out in a very sun-smart hat and protective fluoro outfit.

Photo: YouTube.

As we gear up for the very first episode of the Australian 'Masked Singer', we've really got to salute the Korean singing show for kicking off this crazy international sensation.

'The Masked Singer Australia' will premiere on Monday, September 23 at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.