'What The F--k Is Going On': Fans Go Into Meltdown With Final Bachelor Twist

Bucking tradition, 'The Bachelor' had fans in a frenzy believing Chelsie McLeod was on her way to heartbreak.

For years the show has followed the same pattern on finale nights, the first bachelorette or bachelor to arrive will get their heart broken.

On Thursday night's episode, things went down a little differently. The first to arrive was Chelsie McLeod, and as she walked over to Osher Günsberg, things were looking dire. And as expected, fans went into a complete meltdown knowing what was in store for the 28-year-old Chemical Engineer.

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And then, all of a sudden, a second car arrived. Abbie then walked over to Osher, then continued to Matt. Nothing made any sense any more. The show had pulled a fast one on the nation and all of a sudden it became unclear what was going on.

Things seemed to become even less clear when Matt began talking about his feelings for Abbie, telling her: "I still vividly can remember seeing you walking down the red carpet, having that 'Wow' moment. I just had it again now. I think I've had it every time I've seen you.

"You reduce me to a schoolboy, I get lost in my eyes and it doesn't matter how I'm feeling, you make me happy and you lift me with a smile."

And then, things finally took a turn.

"I have to be honest with myself and with you," Matt said. "My heart belongs with someone else."

It was a wild twist, and once again fans went into meltdown.

Featured image: Network 10 / Twitter.