'I Didn't Do A Blake Garvey!': Bachelor Matt Agnew Shuts Down Break-Up Rumours

Everyone wants to know, are Matt and Chelsie still together?

Waving off rumours of a split, Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod have revealed the first thing they hope to do now that their relationship's out in the open.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, the pair were giddy with excitement at the prospect of no longer having to keep their relationship a secret.

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"It's the biggest relief!" Chelsie said, adding, "It was so hard not checking my phone in public, because I wasn't even allowed to say I had a boyfriend at all."

She continued, "I think I probably did slip up a couple of times, but I'm pretty good at recovering and just blindly blubbering on until they just completely forget what I'm talking about".

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Matt added, "Yeah, it's was a little harder for Chels. I would be messaging her saved under the name 'Rose' which didn't give anything away."

"Not being able to see each other was difficult for both of us," he continued. "When you're having a lousy day, we couldn't just hang out and have a cuddle and support each other -- it was a challenging dynamic."

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The loved-up pair added that the four months following the show wrapping was the most difficult, with Matt detailing the extreme lengths the couple had to go to in order to see one another.

"Production helped a little bit in trying to coordinate some secret rendezvous for us. So that was kind of fun -- we felt a bit like secret agents," Matt said.

Chelsie added, "It was so top secret that they didn't even tell us the address or anything like that, we would just get picked up in a car and taken somewhere!"

Now, with the cat officially out of the bag, the pair are free to enjoy being a "normal" couple.

"I'm just excited to be able to stand next to each other in public!" Chelsie laughed.

Matt added, "Yeah, we have we work about a 10-minute walk from each other as well so we're excited to actually be able to go grab a coffee or a lunch together -- it's probably really boring but they're the things that we want to do!"

With so much pressure on a relationship that's being scrutinised under the watchful eye of the Australian public, it's easy to see why some post-Bachelor couplings crumble -- but lucky for us, Matt and Chelsie insisted there's absolutely no truth the rumours that they've called it quits.

"I haven't dumped him -- and I don't plan to!" Chelsie said.

"Nor have I done a Blake Garvey!" Matt laughed, adding, "I've heard about a dozen rumours this week, but it's not a case of where there's smoke there's fire -- more like where there's smoke there's bullsh*t!"

"People talk a lot of crap," Chelsie added. "Apparently I'm 'glum' because I wear black -- I live in Melbourne!"

Matt said, "Apparently I'm glum because there's a photo of me going to work on a Monday!"

He added, "Who's not glum going to work on a Monday?!"

With tonight being their last night of playing secret agents when it comes to their relationship, Matt revealed that the pair will finally be able to watch an episode of 'The Bachelor' -- together.

"I think that'll be quite a nice moment to share."

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Featured image: Network 10.