'Everybody Just Shat Themselves': Angie's Brother Goes Undercover In A 'Bachelorette' First

For the first time in 'Bachelorette Australia' history, one of the bachelors is not who he says he is.

Years ago, Sophie Monk's parents infiltrated the 'Bachelorette' mansion pretending to be innocent drivers, getting to listen in on the unfiltered chatter of the boys.

This year, things are stepping up a notch.

For Angie Kent, one of the bachelors arriving on the first night isn't a surprise for her -- he's a surprise for the other bachelors. It's her brother, Brad.

Speaking exclusively to 10 daily, Angie said she was "so stoked" Brad was able to get involved with the process.

"He was, technically -- what the boys thought -- there to win my love," she said before quickly adding, "Sounds so creepy when I say it out loud that my brother was there to date me."

Angie's Brother Goes Undercover In 'The Bachelorette'
Brad's not your typical bachelor, he's more like a bro-chelor. Photo: Network 10.

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Getting an insider's look at the mayhem that goes on at cocktail parties while Angie's busy being swept away to one-on-one chats, Brad's true identity was later revealed by Osher.

"No one knew," Angie said, "no one knew until Osher stood there and was like, 'There's someone here that's not supposed to be here.' Everybody just shat themselves."

We also got a better look at some of the fellas in the mansion this year and we think it's safe to say that Brad's got his work cut out for him.

Amid all the twerking, selfie-taking and... more twerking, Brad's job was to weed out the boys from the bachelors and make sure Angie knew what these bachelors are really like.

"He handled it so well," Angie said, "and I'm so happy to have him there. To have that secret insider and tell me what he thought of the guys, the locker room talk. It was a gamechanger.

"Because I trust my family so much, and he's such a good judge of character I was like... oh, this gun' be goooood."

We couldn't agree more, this really is gun' be goooood.

'The Bachelorette Australia' is coming soon to 10 and Win Network.

Featured image: Network 10.