Matt's Best Friend Kate Steals Hearts During 'The Bachelor' Finale

While all eyes were supposed to be on Chelsie and Abbie as they battled to win Matt Agnew's heart, it was another of the women in Matt's life that stole the show.

Arriving in South Africa to help her best mate Matt make the toughest decision, Kate returned to 'The Bachelor' and may have cemented herself as a fan favourite.

Kate first appeared earlier in the season where she met a handful of bachelorettes -- including Abbie -- and fed her thoughts back to Matt, including some concerns around the 23-year-old. So it would come as no surprise that Kate was a little surprised to see Abbie as one of the final two.

Not only that, but when it came time to have a one-on-one chat with Abbie, Kate stepped up to the plate to see if she could get a better vibe from her.

And things did not go well... for Abbie. For the audience? It was electric.

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During their chat, Kate stopped the filming asking production if she could just have a moment, leaving Abbie to wonder what the f--k is going on.

Still, in classic Matt form, the opinions of his friends went in one ear and straight out the other.

Whatever happens at the end, whoever Matt chooses -- Australia has made their decision: it's Kate.

Featured image: Network 10.