'You Just Broke My Footstool': 'Gogglebox' Reacts To Elly's 'Bachelor' Exit

Elly's shock elimination from 'The Bachelor' last week had the 'Gogglebox' households in utter disbelief.

The episode had started off so well for the country girl and fan favourite, who had won herself some extra time with Matt after giving him the best blindfolded hug -- something Jad and Matty were quick to recreate for Sarah Marie.

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Matt was all smiles as Elly told him that he makes her nervous during their quality alone time and the whole thing was just extremely cute.

"They're going to get married, they're going to have lots of children, they're going to have a picket fence!" Tim Lai told his sister Leanne.

But then the music started to sound a little ominous and Elly began gingerly walking her way into a trap that so many of her former Bachie housemates had fallen into -- she decided to talk about her ~concerns~ about Abbie and her alleged Instagram aspirations.

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"Don't eat the trash, Elly!" Symon groaned, knowing what was about to happen.

"Look how angry he is, because Elly's gone full raccoon style, she's filtering in the bins," he added.

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As the car crash unfolded, the 'Gogglebox' households desperately shouted advice to Elly, but it was too late.

"Stay in your lane, do not get involved," cried Isabelle Silbery.

"Don't bring it up, just worry about your relationship," advised Lee.

Meanwhile, the Daltons were just happy to have a front seat to all the drama that's been exploding on 'The Bachelor' these past few weeks.

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"How much snitching have we had this season?" Holly asked.

"It's snitch city!" said her Mum Kate, with genuine glee.

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But despite Elly's mistake of dobbing on Abbie, no one expected that she'd get the boot, coming fifth after Emma, Helena, Chelsie and (duh) Abbie.

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As Osher whispered to Elly that she'd failed to score a rose, the Goggleboxers leapt off their couches in shock.

"What the hell?" exclaimed Matty as Elly began tearing up.

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"F**k that!" yelled Symon, destroying some furniture on his way to avoid what was going on during the heartbreaking rose ceremony.

"You just broke my footstool," observed Adam.

Let's just hope no one breaks any furniture during the 'Bachelor' finale tonight!

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