'Why Did You Do That?': Helena's 'Bachelor' Rose Ceremony Shock

In Wednesday night's episode of 'The Bachelor Australia,' we said goodbye to Helena Sauzier.

And despite the Mauritian-born beauty's indecisiveness during hometown visits last week, the 25-year-old admitted she was surprised to be sent home after Matt convinced her -- not once, but twice -- to stay in the competition.

"Yeah, that was very confusing because I was very clear in saying 'I just don't think that your feelings towards me mirror your feelings towards the other girls' during hometown visits," Helena told 10 daily over the phone.

"But he convinced me to say not only once, but twice, so it was like, 'What?! why did you do that??' It's just... It's really strange," she added.

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When asked if she would change her decision to come back to the mansion had she known she would be sent home at the following rose ceremony, Helena revealed that she's still glad she stayed.

"I got to clear the air with him after all that drama and we had a really nice chat about it," she said, adding, "In saying that, at the end of the chat, he was like, 'I still really like you and I really think we can move past this.'"

"But yeah, ideally, he could have just let me go then and there."

As for whether or not she was legitimately heartbroken following her exit from the mansion, Helena explained that while it was initially hurtful to be rejected, her logistical nature allowed her to move on without too much trouble.

"Of course it's upsetting, but I'm a very straightforward person, and if the feelings aren't reciprocated, then why drag it out?" she said.

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She added that despite coming so close to the end only to leave without a rose, she holds no ill feelings towards Matt.

"I can't get too upset about that, because when I'm with someone, I want them to be really sure about wanting to be with me. And that just wasn't the case with Matt," she explained.

"I guess it's also not the way I want to start a relationship, so I was sad, but I think I've accepted it".

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