Angie's Been Preparing For Her 'Bachelorette' Role Since 'Gogglebox'

Angie Kent is about to step onto the red carpet as our next 'Bachelorette' and we know for a fact that she's been ready for the big gig for years.

We first got to know Angie -- and her mate Yvie Jones -- from their time on 'Gogglebox' when they'd sit on the couch surrounded by their rescue pups and give us their hilarious takes on the best (and worst) of Australian television.

During her eight seasons on the show, Angie watched plenty of 'Bachelorette', which we think has prepared her to follow in the footsteps of Sam Frost, Georgia Love, Sophie Monk and Ali Oetjen.

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In 2015, Angie had a lot to say about the show's setup and how she'd be running the show if she was the one in charge of handing out roses.

Chill Dates Only, Please!
Angie just wants someone (besides Yvie) to watch TV with. Photo: Network 10.

After Sam went skydiving with Sasha (whose greatest fear was heights) and jumped in a light aircraft with Richie, Angie and Yvie were already exhausted.

"It's never just a chill date with Sam, is it?" remarked Yvie.

"See, I'd be so like...'Today, we're just going to watch TV!" said Angie.

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And honestly, we're not going to be at all mad if this season of 'The Bachelorette' features a few chill dates where Angie shows her dates to the Bach mansion loungeroom and flicks on the telly.

She Knows What She Likes
Avocad-no. Photo: Network 10.

We all remember where we were when Ivan tried to blend those avocados -- skins, seeds and all -- and then served Ali up some crunchy brown mousse.

"I can't!" Angie said, looking on in horror as Ivan persevered with his kitchen nightmare.

"Somebody, step up and help this guy!" she added, before advising Ali to "send home avocado dance machine".

While there might be plenty of gals who would find that janky mousse endearing, Angie was straight-up not about it. Her honesty means she's going to have a good shot at figuring out who's a good match for her during her 'Bachelorette' stint.

She's Been Practising Her Finale Face 
Look into my eyes. Photo: Network 10.

She's also had time to think about her big 'Bach-ette' grand finale moment, remarking that she probably wouldn't be able to "look into the distance" in a wistful yet serious manner as she mulls over her decision on a picturesque hill somewhere.

"My thinking face... would be so awful," she joked, pulling a few choice exaggerated expressions that any bloke would be lucky to be on the receiving end of.

Angie's 'Bachelorette' research is going to be extremely useful as she meets her cast of hopeful Bachelors very very soon -- with a little help from fairy godmother Yvie.

'The Bachelorette Australia' is coming soon to 10 and 10 play.