'Kyle's Harassing Me About The Possibilities': Jackie O Talks 'Masked Singer' Secrecy

It's only a few days until 'The Masked Singer Australia' kicks off, and with social media already going wild with theories as to who the mysterious singers are.

However, keen viewers aren't the only ones hellbent on cracking the cryptic clues.

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Jackie O, who is judging the show alongside Dave Hughes, Lindsay Lohan and Dannii Minogue, reckons she was the top detective among the awesome foursome when it came to sussing out clues -- though Dannii was far more skilled at recognising voices.

"I'd say Dannii really good at guessing because she can pick up on people's singing voices, whereas I'm better at figuring out clues," the KIIS host told 10 daily.

"I think we all bring different elements to the table, but she's very good at recognising a singer's voice even though a lot of them are trying to throw us off by mimicking somebody else's voice or just changing it up. She's very good at kind of picking up little nuances that I wouldn't pick up because I'm not a singer myself."

As for which performances we should look forward to most, Jackie said, "My favourite was the spider because I thought she just gave some really incredible performances and really mixed it up -- but then again, so was the robot!"

"They all bring something different to the table," she added.

As for how she kept the singers' identities a secret after filming wrapped -- especially working on the radio -- we had to know, had her co-host Kyle Sandilands tried to squeeze the answers out of her yet?

"Yeah, Kyle's definitely harassing me about possibilities and the show hasn't even started yet!" she laughed, adding, "I'm pretty good with keeping a secret. My daughter came for a lot of the tapings and after afterwards, was like, 'Mum who was it?' and I told her she had to wait and see".

She continued, "She just couldn't believe that I wouldn't tell her!"

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One judge, however, who is struggling with keeping their lips zipped is comedian Dave Hughes.

"Hughesy, on the other hand, is really struggling. He said, 'I'm gonna blow it!' -- because he's terrible at keeping secrets and he's worried he's going to put his foot in it on the radio".

'The Masked Singer Australia' will premiere on Monday, September 23 at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

Image: Network 10