Longest Challenge In Australian Survivor History Breaks Final Three

The final three were put to the test in the final individual immunity challenge that broke them mentally and physically.

They've always been feats of endurance designed to test physical and mental strength, and this was no exception.

"If you only win immunity one time in this game," Jonathan told the final three, "this is the one to win."

Tasked with standing on narrow pedestals, the final three had to also balance, holding ropes attached to two heavy idols. At no point could they drop either idol or remove their feet from the pegs.

Brutal Final Individual Immunity Challenge Breaks Survivors
No easy task. Photo: Network 10.
Brutal Final Individual Immunity Challenge Breaks Survivors
And certainly not an easy feat OR easy on the feet. Photo: Network 10.

Explaining that in each of the weighted idols the survivors had ten percent of their body weight, Jonathan also called it a "pretty simple challenge". Simple by design, sure, but brutal after the three finalists stood on the pedestals for almost seven hours.

With their families watching them struggle, the challenge continued as night fell, and JLP had to find comfort resting against the idol after several hours passed. Clocking over six hours, the challenge officially became the longest of 'Australian Survivor' history.

Brutal Final Individual Immunity Challenge Breaks Survivors
Jonathan, partway through an endurance challenge of his very own. Photo: Network 10.

And while Pia and Harry looked like they were in physical pain several hours into the challenge... Baden was... well, having a very different time.

Looking more bored than anything else, Bae chatted to his family, made small talk with his fellow survivors and tried to educate JLP on various facts about shooting stars.

"Where else would you rather be, honestly?" Baden mused, "In the middle of Fiji standing on some torture pegs..."

Brutal Final Individual Immunity Challenge Breaks Survivors
The challenge beast. Photo: Network 10.

After Harry couldn't stand much longer, Pia also emotionally cried out that she couldn't take it much longer, but physically couldn't get herself off the pegs.

"I'm trying to get down, but I can't," she said in tears as her husband looked on telling him how proud he was of her.

After six hours and forty minutes, Jonathan had to assist Pia off the pegs as she crumbled to the ground, giving Baden his first Individual Immunity win and the ability to hand-pick who he wanted to take to the Final Tribal Council.

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