'There Was Blood And Guts On The Floor': Luke Talked Us Through The Final Tribal

Luke Toki might have left 'Australian Survivor' in fourth place, but the fan favourite played a crucial role on the jury.

The top two contestants -- Pia Miranda and Baden Gilbert -- battled it out in the final Tribal Council, desperately trying to persuade all the people they'd helped eliminate to give them half a million dollars.

We now know that Pia triumphantly claimed the title of Sole Survivor in a unanimous vote -- but Luke filled us in on all the details that you might have missed on screen.

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While Pia might have cast the deciding vote that kicked Luke out of the game, he went into Tribal with an open mind, ready to make his decision based on the pair's final arguments.

"First I heard Baden start speaking and I thought 'Ooh, Pia’s gonna get done here', but then he just dropped the ball on some things that Simon asked him, he stumbled his words," Luke told 10 daily. 

He added that he'd been extremely close to Baden since the tribes merged and that they'd "done a lot together" strategically.

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"So if anyone was going to vote for Baden it was gonna be me.

"Unfortunately, he just cooked his game, his speech wasn’t as emotional. It was quite… like he’d written it down on a piece of paper and said it," Luke explained. 

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Baden's reluctance to work with Luke after Harry's first immunity win also contributed to the People's Champ's decision to go back to Jury Villa and spill a few secrets.

"I was like, 'Alright well I’m going to spill the beans that you stole the rice with me', and then he was carrying on at other tribemates about eating more rice than others," he told 10 daily. 

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"His social game was a little bit off. It’s not his character, it’s just at times his social game was off," Luke said of Baden's last two weeks or so in the game. 

Baden's lacklustre speech was flattened by Pia's verbal barrage and her willingness to expose her opponent's flaws.

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"Pia’s speech definitely nailed it, she went for the jugular. She said, ‘everyone wants to sit next to you, you’re the shi**est’. 

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But it was Luke's own question to the two that sealed the deal for Pia's win, with the King of the Jungle calling on the duo to really fight for the glory of being named Sole Survivor.

"I said, 'One of youse has come here to lose so show us who wants it!" Luke said. 

"And Pia just came out like, bang, bang, bang! Next minute there was blood and guts on the floor and Baden was dead."

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