'It's Disgusting!': Shaun Hampson Is Responsible For Dirty Harry's Evil Moustache

Dirty Harry Hills turned up to the final 'Survivor' tribal council looking more villainous than usual, thanks to some creative trimming of his overgrown beard.

The contestant, who was fondly referred to as The Cockroach by his tribemates, sat on the jury looking like Dick Dastardly from 'Wacky Races' as he carefully listened to Pia and Baden's pitches.

Photo: Network 10/Hanna Barbera.

But it wasn't Haz who masterminded the slick mo, with AFL player and all-around legend Shaun Hampson offering up his barbershop services when Harry entered the Jury Villa.

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"It's time for Dirty Harry to become Clean Harry," the fourth-place contestant laughed as he was about to jump in the shower for the first time in nearly 50 days.

He was then met by former Contenders Shaun and Daisy, who were armed with the clippers, ready to attack his patchy red beard.

Photo: Network 10.

"H, you've had 49 days in the jungle, it's time to get rid of this bum fluff," said Daisy.

After sculpting the kind of pointy, exaggerated facial hair reserved for bad guys or Agatha Christie detectives, Shaun stepped back and announced that his work was done.

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"I reckon this suits him! Maybe just leave it like that, you look like way more of a villain now," said Shaun.

"Sure I can't talk you into keeping the mo?" he asked his newest salon client.

Photo: Network 10.

Harry's reaction was equal parts repulsion and obsession as he looked at his new face in the mirror."Oh man, it's disgusting!" he said.

Daisy rightly pointed out that the elegantly trimmed back hair was the perfect accessory for a stern-faced jury member at the final Tribal Council.

"You can stroke it tonight when you're asking your questions!" Daise laughed.

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