How Pia And Baden Talked Their Way Off The Chopping Block In Their First Tribals

Pia Miranda and Baden Gilbert have made it to the final two on 'Australian Survivor' but they nearly left right at the beginning.

The Champion and the Contender were initially dismissed by their 'stronger' tribemates and both were on the chopping blocks at their first trips to Tribal.

But Pia and Baden fought for their spots in the game using the power of ~persuasion~ and appealed to their tribes with impassioned 11th-hour speeches.

When the Champs lost the first immunity challenge of the series, the athletes' alliance -- led by Steven Bradbury -- were intent on getting rid of Pia as their first order of business.

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But after Pia's convincing tribal speech -- and the fact that Nova wanted Anastasia out of her damn kitchen -- she managed to escape elimination.

"Just don't vote for me!" she nervously laughed, before reminding everyone that she's "fast and light, which is also an advantage".

"In tribe, I'm also fun to be around!" she added.

Which was completely true!

Photo: Network 10.

The next day, it was the Contenders grappling with who they should send home first. Andy announced that Baden was the primary target because he wasn't "strong enough physically" and hadn't been engaging with the Contenders tribe enough.

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But Bae fought back and (spoiler!) made it much further in the game than 'Survivor' superfan Andy.

"I think I've got plenty more to show you guys, honestly," Baden told the Contenders at Tribal.

Photo: Network 10.

"I'm here to show, not just myself, but anyone who knows me and might have assumed that this was beyond me that it isn't and I can take on challenges and do well at them.

"I think there's plenty of people like me who think they're a bit introverted or shy or a bit scared to try something they think they might not succeed at."

The pair will now put their oratory skills to the test in the game's final challenge -- convincing the jury that they deserve to be Sole Survivor.

Lucky they've had plenty of practice!

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