'Keith À La Carte': Why Gogglebox's Lee And Keith Need Their Own Cooking Show

Forget Nigella or Jamie because we've found the next kitchen superstars.

One of 'Gogglebox's most beloved couples -- Lee and Keith -- are not only skilled at providing hilarious armchair commentary every week, they're also pretty handy in the kitchen, as their joint Instagram shows.

It's the 'Gogglebox' spinoff we'd definitely watch, with Lee working behind the camera and Keith explaining the delicacies he's whipping up from sausage rolls to lasagna to crispy roast potatoes with butter.

Photo: Network 10.

Keith told 10 daily that although he's the one who features in their culinary videos filmed at home in Carlton, it's actually Lee who's the domestic goddess.

"It would have to be Lee as she is a great cook, she can cook anything. Me, I’m more of a plain cook," he explained.

Modesty aside, we'd watch Keith work his magic in the kitchen any day, even when it's just knocking together some leftovers because the kitchen banter between him and his wife is much more entertaining than Rick Stein.

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"We've gone from Saturday night with a beautiful steak and all the espresso martinis I wanted to... eggs?" Lee questions her husband in one Instagram video.

"It's Keith à la carte, that's what I'm cooking you," Keiths responds.

Photo: Network 10.

The couple explained that they stick to simple snacks like chocolate when they're watching television together.

"Food that doesn’t make too much mess as Keith will get it everywhere," Lee told 10 daily.

But when he's putting on his chef's hat, Keith has a few favourite recipes that he's perfected.

"Scrambled eggs," he told 10 daily.

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"I put in ham, cheese and cream to make them nice and fluffy. Favourites are mashed potatoes and peas mashed together, also I make a mean French toast for Lee."

With all the television the couple watch for 'Gogglebox', Keith said he "did learn a quicker way of doing a carbonara from the Naked Chef Jamie Oliver" but sadly, doesn't have any plans to pitch his own show.

"I don’t think so," he said.

"Happy to just cook at home and share with others drinking, singing and cooking."

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