Osher Günsberg Says He's Trading Rose Ceremony Whispers For Fireworks

With only one week to go until 'The Masked Singer Australia' kicks off, Osher Günsberg couldn't be more thrilled to host the exciting, new reality singing show.

"I am so very excited to get back on the shiny floor!" he told 10 daily over the phone.

"You know what reality TV is, and in the industry, we call this style of show 'shiny floor' because the show has a big shiny floor."

He added, "It's the most exciting singing show that's come along in a decade as far as I'm concerned. It is so much fun."

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After years of playing the whispering host of 'The Bachelor' franchise, Osher revealed he's keen to once again host in front of a live audience -- something he hasn't done since his days on Channel V and hosting 'Australian Idol'.

"I'm at home in front of a crowd," he said. "When I worked on Channel V, we were always live, and when I did 'Australian Idol' I had an audience. 'The Bachelor' is the first show that I've done that didn't have an audience, so to get back in front of a crowd it's just the greatest and it couldn't be in a more exciting way."

"I'm so excited because while I'm really grateful that I work on 'The Bachelor',  it's such an incredible show but I have to do a lot of whispering, and on 'The Masked Singer' I do everything but whisper," he explained.

"When I walk into the rose ceremony it's so sombre and  I need to be respectful of the fact that someone's about to get their heartbroken."

He continued, "When I walk into the 'The Masked Singer' I have dancers and fireworks when I step on stage  -- it's the exact opposite of 'The Bachelor'! Also, on 'The Bachelor' I wear pretty straight suits, but on 'Masked Singer' my suits could light up a dark corridor!"

Osher went on to reveal the incredible security measure undertaken by the show so the identities of each Masked Singer isn't spoiled before the great reveal.

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"That's the most extraordinary thing about this show -- the security is so next level and unlike any show I've ever worked on. I work on 'Bachelor' finales that are filmed six months out, and we have to work very hard to keep those secret -- but it is bonkers how tight the security is!"

"The security guys love it, they're so cloak and dagger about it. They're like, 'Mate, can you get out of the studio, we've got to sweep the room for recording devices!', and they literally go through and check to make sure that no one has recording devices. They love it!"

And for all those keeping track of the clues for each of our singers, Osher has some advice.

"I'll tell you one thing. When you see the clues and decide you think you know who it is, you'll start to notice that your brain starts to play tricks on you and then you start fitting the clues to fit your guesses," he began. "And then when new evidence shows up, it throws you off."

He continued, "You have to an keep an open mind because if you stick to your first guess you're probably going to be sorry."

The Masked Singer Australia' will premiere on Monday, September 23 at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

Image: 10