I Feel Like I’ve Just Died Before The Finish Line: Luke Toki Misses Out On 'Survivor' Top Three

King Of The Jungle Luke Toki has been dethroned, leaving 'Australian Survivor' just days away from reaching the top two.

"I'm heartbroken," Luke told 10 daily after his elimination.

"I feel like...not that I let anyone down, I let myself down but I think to get this close is just...I feel like I’ve just died before the finish line," he added. 

Leaving so close to the end was a cruel blow to Luke -- and the entire country -- who had been on a high after winning four immunity challenges in a row and successfully using a hidden advantage to blindside challenge threat Abbey.

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But after an exhausting, nailbiting race, he lost what was to be his last immunity challenge to Harry -- and Luke said he knew in his heart the loss signalled the moment the game slipped through his fingers.

"That was the one I needed, I didn’t need the one before because I had that clue. But I knew if I could just win that next one it would give me a shot in the final immunity challenge and I could just put my body on the line trying to win it," he explained. 

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"It just happened to be that you win immunity and you win immunity but you don’t win the right immunity which was the downfall. What do you do?"

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Luke knew that Baden wasn't interested in voting with him but attempted to coax Pia into putting Baden's name down, which would have triggered a fire-making tiebreaker.

The pair were in tears as they discussed the options available to Pia, who could have potentially saved Luke as he had saved her the night before.

"It would mean the world to me if it did happen that way," said Luke.

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Pia didn't make any promises and carefully chose her words while affirming her love for Lukey.

"You mean a lot to me actually and no matter what happens tonight, I can tell you know that, but I'm definitely going to think about going to a tie," she responded.

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Luke hugged Pia and Baden in a tight embrace as JLP read out the votes, but the extremely emotional violin music signalled that a heartbreaking ending was on its way.

Three votes for Luke and one for Baden meant that the King didn't even get a shot at a tiebreaker, instead having to pick up his torch and walk into the night, the 21st person voted out of 'Survivor' and the eighth member of the jury.

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"It was quite emotional," said Luke of his exit. 

"I’m not a big cryer, I try to hold back. I do remember, man I was an emotional wreck after my torch got put out and I had to walk away. They don’t show exactly how bad I was but I was extremely sad."

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Although the loss of half a million dollars still stings and the prize money would have been a tremendous help in supporting his young family, Luke said arriving at Jury Villa helped to soften the blow.

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"It’s all good, once I hit jury and the gang was there, I think a lot of them were disappointed that I got the boot as well but you can wash all those tears down with a couple of burgers so that’s the good part that helps your emotions."

The grand finale of Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders' Continues On Tuesday September 17 at 7:30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.