'We All Live And Die By The Sword': The Best 'Survivor' Blindsides This Season

The only way you can get rid of a powerful player on 'Australian Survivor' is to cut off the head of the snake and blindside them, baby!

As we gear up for an absolutely HUGE grand finale week starring Baden, Harry, Luke and Pia, we decided to take a look back at some of the best blindsides they helped to orchestrate.

Depending on who makes the final two, these big moves could be mentioned in their final pleas to the jury -- the feathers in their caps they need to prove they deserve the $500,000 prize money.

Nova Peris
Photo: Network 10.

After the Champs lost another immunity challenge (which was blamed on Luke and Pia) the tribe was split in deciding who would be sent home. Abbey and Ross had already flipped on the athletes' alliance once before to vote out Susie and were ready to do it all over again.

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After Steven made Abbey cry, calling her "weak" for defecting on his alliance, Nova backed him up and said Abs was just sobbing "crocodile tears".

"We all live and die by the sword we raise in life," Nova prophetically said before tribal.

Photo: Network 10.

While Steven was sure he was heading home after his attack on Abbey, Luke announced that although the Olympic gold medallist had ruffled a few feathers, he'd decided to "vote out a bigger target", hinting that it was actually Nova on the chopping block.

The real sting in the reptilian tail? David drew a weeping croc on his parchment along with Nova's name, and it was the vote that sent her home.

Who Voted For Her: David, Ross, Janine, Pia, Luke, Abbey.

David Genat
Photo: Network 10.

After some thrilling immunity challenges, there was a while there where the Champs and Contenders were just whittling away contestants who were sitting in the middle of the pack.

It wasn't until after merge that we got to witness another thrilling blindside (Shaun's didn't really count) when the self-professed Golden God was absolutely shook after JLP read out his name at tribal.

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Dave was feeling incredibly confident with an idol in his pocket, and after a reassuring chat with actor extraordinaire, Ms Pia Miranda.

"I got massively blindsided," David told 10 daily after his elimination, adding that it was a true honour to leave the competition that way.

"I’m really happy that I went like that, to be honest. If you’re not going to win, to be blindsided is almost a badge of honour.

Who Voted For Him: Pia, Janine, Abbey, Daisy, John, Harry, Baden, Simon.

Simon Black
Photo: Network 10.

Look, we're not saying the lovely Blackie was ever a strategic power player in the game, but his double blindside was significant because it meant an end to Janine and Pia's control of the game. Abbey felt uncertain about her future in the once strong trio and jumped ship to vote with Harry, Baden and Luke.

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Simon was absolutely stunned when he was sent to join Daisy at Exile Beach and then again when he'd scrambled his way back into the tribe only to be booted once and for all.

While Pia and Janine were out of the loop for the Exile vote, they were convinced by the new majority to turn on Simon at the next tribal.

Who Voted For Him: Janine, Pia, Abbey, Baden, Luke, Harry.

Janine Allis
Photo: Network 10.

The Godmother remained a powerful force in the game, with closest ally Pia, for as long as she could but was ultimately taken down by her crafty old nemesis, Dirty Harry.

While Pia said she predicted the whole thing after giving Abbey and Baden's acting skills a dismal D- score, Janine was still convinced they were taking down Baden.

"Being blindsided is part of the game, it’s fun to be shocked," Janine told 10 daily after her exit.

Who Voted For Her: Luke, Harry, Baden, Abbey.

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Abbey Holmes
Photo: Network 10.

It's an image we'll never forget, as powerful as DaVinci's 'Last Supper' or Michelangelo's 'The Creation of Adam'. The moment Luke played his advantage to excuse Baden from tribal and began power-whispering to Pia, then Abbey, it was clear that some serious drama was about to unfold.

After convincing Pia to vote for Abbey, Abbey to vote for Harry and leaving Haz out of the loop altogether, the entire country was blindsided by Lukey's masterful plan.

Luke wasn't lying when he said he's here to blindside everyone, even himself!

Who Voted For Her: Luke and Pia.

The grand finale of Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders' kicks off Monday, September 16 at 7:30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.