How Do The 'Survivor' CVs Of Our Final Four Check Out?

It's nearly time for the final two players left in 'Australian Survivor' to state their case to the jury.

The remaining members of Soli Bula -- Baden Gilbert, Harry Hill, Luke Toki and Pia Miranda -- still need to work out who's getting booted before the big event but we just know they've all been practising their final speeches.

The jury speech is something that's on everyone's minds from day one. Contestant know they need to have a good backstory, be able to explain all the big plays they orchestrated, namecheck any challenge they won and hopefully win over any old tribemates sitting on the bench that they might have burnt.

We decided to put ourselves in the comfortable shoes of a jury member and pore over the 'Survivor' resumes of the final four.

Baden Gilbert
Photo: Network 10.

Remember when Baden was nearly sent home from the Contenders tribe at their first trip to tribal council? Just because he was a skinny nerd and wasn't considered an asset in physical challenges? Well, that skinny PhD student showed everyone and has made it further in the game than more than 83 percent of his original team (maths!).

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Pros: The physics boffin has been unbeatable when it comes to puzzles, a challenge element that often trips the sporty jock types up after they've whizzed through an obstacle course. He also showed he's good at running through water, escaping Ross' clutches like a rabbit and he absolutely flew by on the monkey bars during a reward challenge. Baden has played a strong social game, remaining Contender strong throughout the series but also acting as a trustworthy go-between with former Champions.

Cons: Baden has remained safe this far because everyone has felt as though he's a safe person to take to the final two. He's arguably drifted along under Harry's wing and hasn't made any big moves himself.

Harry Hills
Photo: Network 10.

Credit where credit's due, no-one has been able to stamp, spray or shoo the Cockroach off the island. Harry Hill is part household pet, part Terminator with a nose for digging up hidden immunity idols like a pig hunting for truffles.

Pros: Harry played his villain card early on, so he hasn't really betrayed anyone whose name he's written down. Especially after he lied about a fake son, everyone expects him to be shady and he doesn't really have strong allies, besides Baden. Haz has developed an impressive CV, first joining the Godmother Janine in an alliance of convenience and then orchestrating her downfall by convincing Abbey and Lukey to flip on the Champs.

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Cons: That bloody toothpick he twirls between his fingers then holds between his teeth during every tribal council. Enough! He also hasn't been a strong contender in immunity challenges, which could be a problem in the final week when immunity is crucial.

Luke Toki
Photo: Network 10.

Lukey, the People's Champion, the King of the Jungle, and the prince of every Australian's heart. The country will riot and sh** on Channel 10's doorstep (please don't!) if Lukey doesn't take home the half a million dollars.

Pro: Where do we even begin? From day one Luke has been thinking 3, 4, 5, 17 steps ahead in the game, strategising at a level that no-one can come close to. He set up his Spy Shack 2.0 by the Champions' well as soon as he arrived, he's played an elegant social game making everyone feel comfortable (even when wearing his Creepin t-shirt), plus he's found hidden immunity idols and vital clues.

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Luke's also won FOUR individual immunity challenges (and three in a row) and works under the guise of being ~ crazy Luke ~ to blindside, blindside, blindside.

Cons: There's nothing we can fault Lukey on but he's constantly on high alert because literally no-one wants to take him to the top two.

Pia Miranda
Photo: Network 10.

Just like Baden, Pia was nearly sent home at her tribe's first trip to the council but she displayed her subtle acting skills and begged the athletes, 'Please don't vote for me!' Pia has said from the beginning that she'll either leave first or become Sole Survivor and the latter prophecy could be about to come true.

Pros: Acting, acting, acting. Pia's closest ally Janine called her the most skilled social player in the game, with the thespian always joking around with tribemates on the chopping block to make them feel at ease. But following merge, we saw the Smiling Assassin reveal herself as she orchestrated some huge blindsides, including David's.

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Pia's stature meant her real strength has been her personality, usually unable to keep up with the professional athletes in physical challenges. But she's still won more individual immunity idols than Baden or Harry (1) after holding onto that bar for a really long time.

Cons: It could be said that Pia has clung to Janine's coattails for the majority of her time in Fiji, protected by the power player's big moves -- but that's for the jury to (maybe) decide!

The grand finale of Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders' kicks of Monday, September 16 at 7:30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.