'Good Food, Good Champagne And Horrible Fur Children': My 80-Year-Old Flatmate's Wildest Resident

With an impenetrable housing market, many Sydney residents are looking for unconventional ways to get ahead.

For some, that means agreeing to a very unusual living arrangement. The last of 'Pilot Week's offerings for this year hopes to solve two problems: older people who are sick of living alone, and millennials who feel like they can't get ahead when it comes to rent.

'My 80 Year Old Flatmate' sees older homeowners introduced to a handful of hopeful millennial house hunters. After selecting two, each millennial gets three days to bunk in with their new flatmate before the homeowner makes a decision as to who gets to move in -- rent-free.

One of the homeowners happens to be Sydney socialite royalty Christa Billich, who is married to the award-winning artist Charles Billich who often travels. "He's also not that entertaining," Christa joked.

My 80 Year Old Flatmate: Christa Billich's Mission For Fun
Photo: Supplied.

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Left to her own devices with her three "children" (her three dogs), Christa decided to sign-up for the show for "a little fun", something that's very important to Christa's way of life.

"Not everybody agrees with my lifestyle and what I do," she told 10 daily, "but hey, it's my life. Why should I not give myself a fantastic opportunity to do something like this show?

"Because I'm older? I'm 74, I can do exactly what [younger generations] can do. Maybe I run out of puff a little earlier, but I can definitely drink more than they can."

While some of the rules homeowners lay down for their new flatmates include mandatory gardening duty or "No bonking", Christa's set of rules were a less conventional.

Christa's only requirement was to help look after her pups -- "And to have fun," she reminded us, "and drink champagne! What a hard job, huh?"

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Providing a bar in her spare room, Christa hoped her new, young flatmate would liven things up.

Admitting she was surprised by her younger companions, Christa mused on the stereotypes of millennials. "They're not different to me or other generations," she said, "they go differently about it, but the end result -- they want the same as what we do. I've decided now to just hang out with that generation," she said, laughing.

So was it a confronting experiment to have strangers come in and be flatmates for a few days?

"It frees you up, you can just be you," describing her home as "paradise made out of good food, good champagne and horrible little fur children".

As for her advice for anyone who thinks they wouldn't suit a set-up like 'My 80 Year Old Flatmate', Christa simply winked and said: "You should live with me."

My 80 Year Old Flatmate premieres at 8.30 on Friday, September 13 on 10 and WIN Network.

Featured image: Network 10.