Why David Genat Is The Best 'Survivor' Jury Member

International model David Genat was arguably the biggest villain during this season of 'Australian Survivor'.

After rocking up to Fiji in a leather jacket and then becoming the power-hungry mastermind of the Champions tribe -- or, Golden God, as he put it -- he had earned a bit of a reputation.

It was only a well-executed blindside that could eliminate the power player, who ended up as the second member of the 'Survivor' jury, sitting alongside his arch-rival Shaun Hampson.

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It's only now, as he sits on the other side of tribal council in the jury box, that we've seen another side of David and realised he's truly not the caricature he was puffing up around camp.

He's A 'Survivor' Superfan Who Relishes Big Moves
Photo: Network 10.

Not many people who are 'Survivor' superfans ever want to express it, wisely keeping their detailed knowledge of the game to themselves. Just like Andy pretended he was a clueless freelance golf journalist (?) when he had actually constructed a full 'Survivor' obstacle course in his back garden.

David is another player from this season who has an intimate knowledge of past 'Survivor' seasons and, now that he can display his real emotions, is soaking in the big moves and blindsides with pleasure.

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Along with Shaun Hampson (surprise, the enemies are now friends!), David hangs on every word uttered at tribal, even grabbing Shaun's hand in excitement when the votes were stacked against Simon, dismantling Janine's Champs alliance.

As much as we love Daisy, John and Simon, they just don't react with the same sort of gorgeously melodramatic expressions David has been serving up from the sidelines.

Photo: Network 10.
He's Dedicated To His Jury Wardrobe

New tribal, new look! Just as David looked like "Tarzan at a wedding" for his own elimination, the model has displayed careful attention to his post-game tribal wardrobe. He's gone from 'Miami Vice' style Hawaiian shirt casual to wearing a woollen beanie AND a tank top (is he hot or cold?) to the night he had almost unrecognisable slicked-back hair.

Every night, a new look! Photo: Network 10.

His most recent tribal appearances have been a sort of Country Road campaign-looking shirt and followed it up by repping a Renzo Gracie tee, the famous New York Jiu-Jitsu favoured by celebs like Guy Ritchie.

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He's A Hospitable Jury Villa Welcomer
Photo: Network 10.

Dave and Shaun probably spent a whole afternoon changing the lyrics of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" to tell the story of everyone's favourite mullet man, John Eastoe which, even though it was completely off-key, was incredibly sweet.

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He's Not Actually The Villain He Played In The Game
Photo: Network 10.

Friends, every eliminated 'Survivor' contestant who's made it past merge goes out of their way to tell us how much they LOVE David.

"Dave was amazing," Janine told 10 daily after she left Soli Bula. 

"I really enjoyed getting to know him on a different level. David was a real game player and really, a completely different character for weeks on the island, to get to know him again as David was fantastic," she said. 

Daisy agreed, telling us that she was surprised to meet a completely different person in Jury Villa.

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"Funnily enough, coming out of the game, Dave has a wicked sense of humour but we just didn’t really get to see it because he was so serious about his gameplay," said Daisy. 

While this is all probably reading like a huge slab of propaganda designed to brainwash you, our point is that all of these wonderfully unexpected traits mean Dave is the most invested in the game, even though he's out of the running for Sole Survivor.

He's going to use his animated facial expressions, passion and knowledge of the game to make an educated decision when he writes down his vote when it comes to the final two.

And we just know he's going to be wearing a great final tribal outfit.

The Grand Finale of Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders' kicks off Monday, September 16 at 7.30pm, only on 10, 10 Play and WIN Network.