The 'Gogglebox' Families Learn How To Act Rich From 'Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians'

For a lot of our Goggleboxers, the lifestyles of the crazy rich Asians of Sydney were a lot to take in.

Kicking off 'Pilot Week' for 2019, 'Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians' followed a handful of Sydney's most wealthy -- as well as their personal high-end concierge Karim -- as they went about their days doing regular crazy rich people things.

"I'm two-thirds there," Tim Lai told sister Leanne, "I'm crazy Asian."

Unfortunately, he was just missing the "rich" part. Thanks to 'Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians', Tim and the other families were able to have a glimpse at what life is really like for the millionaires and billionaires living among us in Sydney.

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And let's just say they do things a little differently.

The episode saw Karim tasked with organising a swimming lesson for real estate mogul Lu Lu and her beauty queen friend Emily.

"Can't they book a swimming lesson for themselves?" Vestal Delpechitra asked, confused at the idea that these crazy rich folk would do anything for themselves.

But when the swimming instructor Karim had sourced showed up, it became pretty clear why you should trust a professional to do your dirty work.

The 'Gogglebox' Families Learn How To Act Rich From 'Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians'
Photo: Network 10.

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"Okay, there are benefits to having a bit of money," Tim said after he picked his jaw off the floor.

But it wasn't just the private swimming lesson that the families found curious. When Karim was again tasked with the seemingly impossible -- organising a dog fashion show to raise money for charity -- he had to make some important calls.

While being fitted for a suit, Karim also got his assistant Jenny to hold his phone for him while he spoke to fashion designer Leona Edmiston.

"He's getting someone else to hold the phone for him while he's on speaker," Adam pointed out, "Mate, you can sit it next to you..."

But Symon had it all figured out.

"That's not how rich people roll, man. That's why you're not rich, because you don't know. Because you stand around, wasting your own time holding your phone!"

The 'Gogglebox' Families Learn How To Act Rich From 'Sydney's Crazy Rich Asians'
Photo: Network 10.

"Here I am holding my phone on my ear like a chump," when I could have you doing this, like a rich person!"

Who said watching TV isn't educational!

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Featured image: Network 10.