'I'd Give It A Crack': The Bachelor's Emma Roche Would Do It All Again For Love

She was the latest lady to be sent home by Matt Agnew on Thursday's episode of 'The Bachelor', but Emma Roche refuses to give up on finding the one.

We first met Emma in the premiere as the sweet Irish lass who unapologetically "loves love", and despite being sent home in the latest rose ceremony, the brunette beauty hasn't been jaded by her experience.

The 32-year-old fashion brand manager revealed that given the opportunity, she would return for another shot at love in 'Bachelor in Paradise' or 'The Bachelorette'.

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"I think I’d give it a crack!" she told 10 daily.

"I think everyone knows I love love -- gosh, I certainly said it enough times on the show!" she laughed.

"I think I would definitely give it a go, especially seeing as I had such a great experience and made some wonderful friendships with pretty much everyone."

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One, in particular, was with fan favourite and recent evictee Elly Miles, who has described their blossoming friendship as "the definition of opposites attracting".

"Elly's amazing, we're so different!" Emma said.

"She's a country, roll-up-your-sleeves kind of girl and I'm a bit precious when it comes to things like that".

"She can also cook -- and I'm terrible at cooking!" she added.

"She's just a really great girl."

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Despite keeping it cool, calm and collected when she exited the Bachelor Mansion, Emma said that she had been incredibly anxious throughout the rose ceremony, which saw just her, Helena, Chelsie and Abbie left following hometown visits.

"It’s such a pressure cooker environment, my heart was pounding on my chest the whole time because I was so nervous," she said.

She continued, "I was actually really sad about [leaving] because I did have really strong feelings for Matt, but at the end of the day if someone doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings for you, there’s no point sitting around crying about it".

"It certainly hurt for a while and took a bit of time to get over, but you move on eventually," she added.

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Featured image: Network 10.