Luke Toki Just Proved Why He's King Of The 'Survivor' Jungle

The People's Champion has stormed his way into the final four, with a tribal council blindside that no-one saw coming.

Luke has always referred to himself as "King of the Jungle, baby" but after a flawless week at the most crucial point in the game, he's truly shown why he deserves the title.

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After beating his previous 'Survivor' record of 46 days, Lukey has shown no sign of fatigue and has only intensified his quest to win immunity necklaces, play a strong social game and blindside everyone. 

He's Won FOUR Individual Immunity Necklaces Now
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He's no athlete but Luke Toki is a 'Survivor' challenge beast and all-rounder, flexing his physical endurance and his ability to solve puzzles. After his fourth win, he now holds the joint record for the most individual immunity necklaces and the rest of Soli Bula have been powerless to stop him.

While it seemed like he was trailing behind Abbey, Baden and Harry in lining up his dominoes during the last immunity challenge, Lukey was actually working steadily and meticulously ensuring he would meet the target.

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Luke's big win meant his head was removed from the chopping block and a disappointed Harry decided to target Pia instead.

He Knows How To Find -- And Use -- Hidden Advantages
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Always three steps ahead, Luke managed to not only win immunity but also find a vital clue that allowed him to blow up tribal council. The advantage, somehow sealed in a coconut, meant that he could save someone from tribal but also make sure their vote didn't count.

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Even though Pia was initially disappointed that Luke didn't send her away from the danger zone, his decision to pick Baden was a much more calculated move that saved Pia and eliminated Abbey.

That Tribal Council Was Performance Art
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Not everyone would have the 'Survivor' smarts to play an advantage so wisely or have the ~dramatic flair~ to present the scroll to JLP in the way Luke did at the explosive tribal.

Jaws were agape as Lukey announced to Jonathan that he needed to get something off his chest before the usual proceedings began.

"Before we get started, I've got somethin' for ya," he smiled, handing over the power advantage.

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After sending a confused Baden back to camp alone, Luke then artfully whispered some instructions into Pia's ear, who nodded solemnly. His second hushed whisper to Abbey was a stroke of pure genius that left Abs feeling secure and Harry feeling nervous.

A vote each for Abbey, Pia and Harry had everyone scratching their heads until the last vote revealed Lukey's master plan to send Abs home.

He Is Prepared To Blindside Everyone
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Luke has been building strong relationships, using his strengths as a good listener and all-around perceptive human being. But his real strength has been in remaining loyal while also retaining some random, chaotic energy.

"I want this to be a surprise," he said ahead of his big tribal reveal.

"I want to blindside the jury, I might even blindside myself because there's going to be that much blindsiding going around," he added.

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