The Show That's Going To Inspire A 'Wave Of Mums' To Become Professional Snoops

Comedians Heidi Arena and Nicola Parry know one thing for sure -- mothers possess the unique skills required by private detectives.

It's part of the reason they devised 'Part-Time Private Eyes', which is debuting on 10 as part of Pilot Week -- a show about a couple of mums who solve mysteries in between school dropoff and pickup.

The comedy duo first met on 'Thank God You're Here' about 15 years ago but came up with their latest concept after complaining to each other about the difficulty of finding work while wrangling children.

"And then we said, 'Let's be private investigators ... let's write a show,'" Heidi explained during their appearance on 'The Project'.

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Photo: Network 10.

"As mums, we're good [at] sleuthing," continued Heidi, adding that they "have to know everything" and that their big handbags definitely come in handy.

"We have to be detectives!" agreed Nicola.

The show follows two mums (played by Heidi and Nicola) that snoop around between the hours of nine and three -- which is the same writing schedule the hilarious duo had to follow as they devised 'Part-Time Private Eyes'.

Waleed Aly rightly asked whether the writers and stars were a little concerned they were going to "trigger a wave of mums moving into professional snooping".

"Oh, definitely," said Nicola, with Heidi adding that all mums need is a phone, a handbag, a paper clip and "last week's dinner".

"Anyone can do it!" she laughed.

Part-Time Private Eyes premieres Tuesday, 10 September at 8.30pm only On 10 and 10 play.

Main Photo: Network 10.