'The Masked Singer Australia': Keeping Secrets Is Getting To Dave Hughes

It may seem like a glamorous gig being one of the panellists for 'The Masked Singer', but for Hughesy, it came with a lot of surprising challenges.

"I've been on radio for many years," Hughesy told 10 daily, "I follow many celebrities, so  I like to think my life has been leading up to this moment."

But while the universe may have had this in store for Hughesy for a while, that still doesn't mean it was an easy gig.

When asked how the comedian would describe the series, Hughesy told 10 daily, "Maybe if you picked up a Kinder Surprise from the corner store... and someone was singing in the egg, you'd really want to know who's in the egg."

He continued, "So you get the taste of the egg AND you get the mystery of the song."

When Does 'The Masked Singer Australia' Start? We Finally Have A Date For Season One
Photo: Network 10.

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If that's confused you, even more, here's the basic premise. Twelve celebs hide under the most gorgeously outrageous costumes you've seen. Each of them takes to the stage to belt out songs -- without ever revealing their true identity.

Our esteemed panel, the audience and folks at home will then attempt to figure out who is hiding under the masks. Each week, one of our celebs will be unmasked until only one remains!

"Some of the masks I was like, 'Oh my god... why didn't I think about that person?'" Hughesy said. "I wanted to give myself an uppercut."

Sitting alongside Hughesy on the panel are Jackie O, Dannii Minogue and Lindsay Lohan. The awesome foursome is put to the test as they try and look past the dancing prawn or the giant, fluffy monster onstage and attempt to figure out their true identity.

While they're not exactly a panel of judges in the traditional sense, trying to figure out who the celebs are still requires passing judgement here and there -- which Hughesy found can get him into a bit of trouble.

When Does 'The Masked Singer Australia' Start? We Finally Have A Date For Season One
Their job isn't to judge, its to figure out who's under the masks. Photo: Network 10.

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"I've had some moments where I've said things -- I've thought someone wasn't a professional singer and they ended up being one," he admitted, "that was awkward for me. I'm like, 'Oh my god you are a great singer!!!'

Despite the moments he's accidentally talked smack about professional singers to their masked faces, Hughesy said he was lucky to be on the panel with Lindsay, Dannii and Jackie as they each had different backgrounds which could help figure out who the celebs were.

"Dannii Minogue worked with a lot of the great singers in Australia and overseas," he said, adding, "A lot of the girls on the panel have gone out with famous people -- they'd be thinking is it their ex-boyfriend!"

While he was (mostly) kidding, we also had to ask how Lindsay stacked up to the other panellists. Not being a local, it would be difficult to try and figure out who was singing on stage even if they weren't wearing a mask.

"She definitely did her research, no doubt about that" Hughesy said, adding that more often than not it was the joke names he, Dannii and Jackie would throw out that needed explaining.

"You can't be across every celebrity, if they're from America, Australia or Antarctica," he added, "it added a level of humour and explanation for her and for people at home."

While trying to figure out who the celebs are has been a struggle, that's only the start of Hughesy' problems.

Part of the joy of 'Masked Singer' is that, once a celeb is revealed, it's the first time the panel and even the show's host Osher Günsberg will see who exactly the singer was the whole time.

But it also requires them having to keep secrets.

"I'm still struggling," Hughesy admitted when we asked how he was coping with the secrecy. "It's ridiculous!" When we spoke to Hughesy, Ed Kavalee was filling in on the Hughesy and Kate show.

"He has a whiteboard, he's got a 'definites' and a 'maybe' column and he's attaching names to them," he said, "I'm like... mate! This is unprofessional.

"I can't say anything... I can't even look at them."

Thankfully, for Hughesy's sake and for ours, there are only a few more weeks until the show kicks off.

'The Masked Singer Australia' will premiere on Monday, September 23 at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.