'I Didn't See That One Coming': Abbey Eliminated From 'Survivor' After Luke's Tribal Bombshell

Abbey Holmes has become the 20th person voted out of 'Australian Survivor' after Luke Toki pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

As far as Abbey, Harry and Baden were concerned, the evening's plan was simple -- to vote out Pia, who was left vulnerable after losing her closest ally, Janine, the night before.

The trio had originally been gunning to oust powerhouse Luke -- but the People's Champion keeps winning immunity challenges, making himself completely untouchable.

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But while everyone was aware of Lukey's protective necklace, absolutely nobody could have predicted the bombshell he dropped at tribal council, with the King of the Jungle shocking his fellow contestants and the entire jury.

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Being the 'Survivor' pro that he is, Luke had earlier discovered a hidden clue which led him to a secret coconut that contained a valuable power advantage. The scroll explained that he could send one member of Soli Bula back to camp during tribal -- both saving them but also negating their vote.

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"Boom! That's nearly as good as having an immunity idol!" he excitedly said to the camera.

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Luke's confidence was reinforced after winning his fourth immunity necklace and he quietly began plotting how best to wield his power and move forward to the top 4 and beyond.

Even as a desperate Pia approached him ahead of tribal, knowing she was probably heading home, Luke didn't reveal his secret plan, only urging the actor to trust him.

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After proudly announcing to JLP that he had something up his sleeve, Lukey sent a very confused Baden back to camp and then whispered in the ears of both Pia and Abbey, leaving Harry feeling extremely nervous.

"Can you at least give me a fake conversation?" Harry begged before Pia indulged him with a joke whisper.

"I think you're awesome," she giggled into his ear.

After Harry pretended for a minute there that he had his own hidden idol. tensions heightened when JLP read out a single vote each for Abbey, Pia and Harry -- and Luke's real plan was laid bare when the final vote revealed it was Abs who would be leaving Soli Bula.

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Janine, who had been sent home the previous night, explained to 10 daily how the vote went down as she watched from the jury box, and described a crucial moment the cameras didn't capture.

"In a very twisted sort of way, and I don’t know if this will be shown [on screen], but Pia turned to me and mouthed ‘Revenge,'" Janine explained. 

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It was revenge for Abbey's defection from her alliance with Pia and Janine, flipping to join Harry and Baden in voting Simon out.

Of course, it was Lukey pulling the strings with the mastermind revealing earlier in the episode that he'll pretty much blindside everyone, including himself, to become Sole Survivor.

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"That absolutely threw a spanner in the works," Abbey commented after her blindside.

"Well played by Luke, I didn't see that one coming."

Neither did we!

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