‘I Look Absolutely Feral’: Janine Talked Us Through Her Jury Villa Arrival

Janine Allis got a bit of a shock when she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror after her elimination from 'Australian Survivor'.

After 44 days without access to shampoo, hair dye or makeup -- and only seeing her blurry reflection in the ocean -- the Boost Juice CEO was a little taken aback.

"Is that what I look like?" she said, staring in disbelief at the mirror. 

"God help me!"

The first thing she noticed was the amount of weight she'd dropped, noting that she looked like a "very skinny version of Janine Allis" and "absolutely feral".

Photo: Network 10.

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Speaking to 10 daily after her elimination, Janine said she dropped "six or seven kilos" during her time on 'Survivor', and lost some much needed cushioning.

"I was just bones, I couldn’t even sit on the ground because I didn’t even realise how much padding your bottom gives you to sit down," she said. 

"Bloody hell! Once that padding’s gone, it’s a bit uncomfortable I can tell you now," she added. 

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Janine said the next most obvious thing she noticed about herself post-game was "some incredible growth" which is not a comment about her height or her emotional wellbeing.

"I was grey at the top! My hair is horrible when it goes grey, it goes really white," she explained. 

Photo: Network 10.

After surveying herself in the mirror, Janine headed off to her Jury Villa feast, to join all the former contestants she'd had a hand in voting out.

"You’re always a bit apprehensive because you’ve voted them out," she told 10 daily of her arrival. 

"Shaun, particularly, he was there definitely because of me. I thought, ‘Oh this will be interesting.'"

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But The Godmother was welcomed with a round of applause with Daisy, John, Shaun, David and Simon cheering on her exquisite 'Survivor' gameplay.

And after a hot shower and a long sleep in an actual bed, Janine more than made up for the blindsides she orchestrated when she treated the gang to an ~immunity boost~ session where she made them all smoothies.

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