'What The F**k Happened?!': The Bachelor's Latest Rose Ceremony Has Everyone Shook


What. In. The. Name of Osher's flawless hair WAS THAT?!?!?!

Please allow us just a moment to recover from this SHOCKING turn of events that we were absolutely not expecting...

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OK, ok. We're good.

Anyway, in what has made for one of the most heartbreaking and shocking rose ceremonies in Bach history, fan favourite Elly was sent packing by Matt Agnew, leaving viewers feeling that they've been hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, and lead astray by what we thought was an amazing connection between the pair.

So surprising was her booting from the mansion, that Elly herself wasn't even expecting to be dumped so close to the end.

"After that day, it was the first time that I really, really thought it could actually be me at the end," she told 10 daily. "So I was shocked because 24 hours before the ceremony I was like, 'This could be it!' But then I got sent home!"

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We need Gai Waterhouse to come fix this IMMEDIATELY.

Leaving just Helena, Chelsie and the Abbie left to vie for Matt's heart, viewers were majorly peeved over Matt's decision to keep Abbie in the mansion, after several of the girls -- Elly included -- went directly to him to voice their concerns over what they believed to be "insincere" behaviour.

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While Abbie has maintained that her feelings for Matt are genuine, both contestants and viewers have voiced their suspicions about her motives, with many suggesting that she and Matt wouldn't last the distance and that the whole competition is simply a "game" to her.

Either way, the loss of dear, sweet angel baby Elly is truly tragic, and we hope she finds all the happiness in the world. And by the way Twitter is reacting to this devastating news, it seems that the rest of Australia hopes that Elly finds her prince charming, too!

In honour of our fallen angel, please join us as we pay tribute to the fun-loving gal and #PutYourMarshmallowsOut for dear Elly.

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Image: Network 10