'I Couldn't Do It!': Dannii Minogue Dishes On Keeping 'The Masked Singer Australia' Secrets

No stranger to singing competitions, Dannii Minogue has been on panels of judges and mentors plenty of times before, but nothing prepared her for 'The Masked Singer'.

Twelve celebrities in the most ridiculously extravagant costumes, their identities a complete mystery to everyone in the room, sing their hearts out and at the end of each episode one will be unmasked, revealing their identity.

It's a simple costume once you've wrapped your head around the giant Unicorn or Robot sashaying around the stage, but for Dannii and her co-panellists -- Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Lindsay Lohan -- the job became extremely difficult when they then had to try to guess who the singers could be.

"I guess with the judging I've done before, that's competitive because you're choosing a team and you're backing them with all of your work," Dannii told 10 daily about the unique nature of the 'Masked Singer' panel.

"This is just fun. We're all throwing in names. It's like the four of us sitting on a couch shouting names," she said, admitting that often she'd throw out ridiculous names in a panic. And she wasn't the only one.

"Dave loved to throw out names and we'd turn to him and say, '...They're dead!'. At some point I'd throw a name up in the air out of frustration, go home and think 'Oh god, people will think I'm such an idiot for saying that'," she said laughing.

"Particularly early on, there'll be names people will be like, 'What an idiot!' and... I agree with you!"

Still, working as a team, Dannii and the other panellists attempted to use the clues and crack who was hiding under the masks.

"We all looked to Jackie like, c'mon... there's a lot of weight on her shoulders because working in radio and interviewing so many people -- I haven't met the number of celebs she met," Dannii said, adding that for the most part, a lot of Jackie's interviews would be over the phone, so she'd be used to only hearing famous voices.

"We were like, 'No pressure Jackie.... we're expecting you to bring in the answers!'"

Dannii also admitted that she tried to outsmart the show by doing as much research as possible ahead of the show.

"I had a long list of names I had written down before I went in," she said, adding that she loves doing homework. "Then they said it's not necessarily Australians, it could be any performers!" All her good work unpinned, Dannii laughed, "Someone sent me to a link to the Korean version where Ryan Reynolds appeared!"

While cracking the identities of our masked celebs may be a huge task for the panel, we also asked how much of an issue it would be for her to keep the identities she did know under wraps.

"I'm totally crap," she said of keeping secrets, "If friends are like, 'I want to tell you something but I don't want you to tell anyone else' I always say DON'T TELL ME! I don't want to know!'

Still, when it came to being on the panel or onstage in a stunning spider costume, Dannii said it was a no-brainer, she was happy to be mask-less.

"I couldn't do it! I'm claustrophobic," she said, "I looked at the masks -- one of them I couldn't go near. I was going to have a panic attack."

While the short previews we've seen feature our celebs looking graceful and occasionally dancing up a storm in their outfits, Dannii said they're a lot heavier and confined than they would seem.

"The lion head has a big mane, which is a lot of weight to balance... the dragon has dragon wings, the unicorn has wings. They all have different things to balance! There's no way I could do it," she reiterated.

"It takes a certain person who's going to get in that costume."

Now it's just a countdown until we find out just who those 12 certain people are.

'The Masked Singer Australia' will premiere on Monday, September 23 at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

Featured image: Network 10.