Heidi Arena Talks 'Part-Time Private Eyes' On 10's Pilot Week

Desperate to find work between school pick-up and drop-off, two mums -- played by comedy icons Nicola Parry and Heidi Arena -- find themselves working together as Private Investigators.

"[Nicola and I] have known each other for 15 years and were always juggling work and being mothers," Heidi explained to 10 daily.

Playing the character of Val,  an eager-to-please, extremely talkative and happy-go-lucky Mum-of-three, Heidi revealed that she's on a mission to find meaning beyond parenthood, and make a difference to humanity between the hours of 9 and 3 pm.

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"So we basically play clown versions of ourselves -- Val is one of those people who talk without thinking," she said, adding, "Nicola's character Alex is a bit of an overthinker, they're both completely different -- just like Nicola and I.

"In real life, we’re exactly like that, we just make each other laugh, so in creating the show, we really just wanted to make other people laugh".

And they certainly do bring the laughs in the pilot episode of 'Part-Time Private Eyes'.

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"It's art imitating life! So much of the juggle we do already is in the show, the whole idea of having to keep the train going," Heidi said.

"We’ll be going to meetings and then have to get on the phone -- we really are those characters. We tried to explore the idea of working women juggling all these things."

'Part-Time Private Eyes' also stars Nadine Garner (Mr Black), Alex Papps (Play School) and Sophie Katinis (Out Of The Blue).

Part-Time Private Eyes premieres Tuesday, 10 September at 8.30pm only On 10 and 10 play.

Image: Network 10