Janine And Pia Have Become IRL Besties After 'Survivor'

Janine Allis and Pia Miranda formed an unbreakable bond during their time together on 'Australian Survivor'.

The Boost Juice CEO and the 'Looking For Alibrandi' actor would probably never have crossed paths in the outside world but quickly banded together when they were initially outnumbered by the failed athlete's alliance in the Champions tribe.

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The Godmother and The Smiling Assassin became two of the most dangerous players in the game and, unusually, stayed loyal to each other right until Janine was voted out by the rest of Soli Bula.

Photo: Network 10.

Speaking to 10 daily after her elimination, Janine explained that not much has changed since filming has wrapped up and the pair have returned to their everyday lives in Melbourne. 

"Oh god, there's probably not a day that's gone by where we don't text each other and we see each other probably once a week.

"We do yoga together, our daughters are great mates, they communicate probably more than we do, she's come over for dinner," Janine said, adding that they're even planning a trip to Queensland together.

Photo: Network 10.

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Pia stuck by Janine's side until the bitter end, and was the only member of Soli Bula who didn't put down The Godmother's name at her final tribal council.  The actor and 'Survivor' super fan is now out on her own without her strongest ally, up against Abbey, Baden, Harry and Luke.

But she'll have Janine cheering for her from the jury box, who, despite coming in sixth, realised that the real reward was the friendship she made along the way.

"I've never met her in my life so I must admit, to come out of it and have a great friendship with Pia has been gold," said Janine.

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