‘I Didn’t Tell Anyone’: What Janine Had Planned For Her ‘Survivor’ Jury Speech

After 44 days of successful deal-making, Boost Juice CEO Janine Allis has been eliminated from 'Australian Survivor'.

Speaking to 10 daily after her departure from Soli Bula, Janine explained that, despite looking shocked at tribal when her name was read out, she had a sneaking feeling that her time had come to an end.

"I don’t know how they portrayed it but Pia and I were walking down the beach going, ‘Hey, we are really screwed now,'" she said. 

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After Abbey had flipped on her alliance with Janine and Pia, joining the Contenders to vote out Simon -- the two power players were left scrambling for votes.

Janine's final pitch. Photo: Network 10.

"We knew we were in big trouble and it was going to be her or I," said Janine, adding that she assumed it would be her because she was more of a challenge threat than pint-sized Pia. 

Janine had used her final pitch to the former Champs (Pia, Luke, Abbey) to try and convince the group to vote out Baden and stay strong until the final four.

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"I felt about 60 to 70 percent safe after those conversations but I knew at that stage that anyone could go home," she told 10 daily. 

Janine's fate was sealed after two votes for Baden were read out by Jonathan LaPaglia, followed by three votes for The Godmother -- a move Dirty Harry had been fantasising about for weeks.

Photo: Network 10.

"Being blindsided is part of the game, it’s fun to be shocked," Janine said of exit from the reality series. 

"There were some people at the beginning of the game who said, ‘I think it’s important to tell people that they’re going,'" she said, adding that it would be missing the point of 'Survivor' to tell someone they were on the chopping block. 

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"I’d much rather go out on a blindside than I would anyone going, ‘Look, Janine, there’s nothing you can do but it’s you tonight.'"

Photo: Network 10.

It's not a conversation that the CEO would have accepted, either, because she had her sights firmly set on the top two -- with a masterful plan mapped out.

"First and foremost, I was telling everyone that would listen that I was the perfect person to go to final two because no one would give me the money," the businesswoman and 'Shark Tank' investor explained. 

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But Janine had a plan ready to unveil during her final plea to the jury that would "take the money off the table".

"My speech was going to be that, clearly, I want to take emotion out of it and take the $500,000 off the table and say that I was going to give it to charity, which I would have.

"And that everyone on the jury could have nominated a charity that I would have given the money to", she said, adding that a "large portion" would have gone to Luke's CreepinCo

Photo: Network 10.

For Janine, her time on the show was never about the money, it was all about being crowned Sole Survivor.

"It was about the experience and it was about winning -- people in sport often don’t do it for the financial gain, they do it for the glory. 

"I had every intention of taking the money off the table so it was just purely who had the best gameplay," she said of her planned final move. 

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Janine told 10 daily that she "didn't tell anyone" because she knew her tribe was thinking, 'Who in their right mind would give me half a million dollars?'

"They wouldn’t. So that was my, ‘let me come to the end’. And then once I got to the end, I could have talked my way in."

Janine said she's gained some important perspective since leaving Fiji, where she lived in a blissful technology-free bubble that encouraged one-on-one connection.

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"That word grateful comes up pretty strongly because when everything’s taken away from you, it’s amazing how grateful you are for things.

"Sometimes you feel the most important thing in life is the information on your iPhone or smartphone or computer or anything electronic. What I found was, as soon as you take electronics away, suddenly you can actually develop real relationships." 

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