Who's Going To Be Sole Survivor? Your Guide To The Final Six

Abbey, Baden, Harry, Janine, Luke, and Pia have nearly crawled their way to the finish line after more than 40 days of blindsides, betrayal and beachside bathing.

The final six is a motley crew of challenge beasts, skilled actors, puzzle masters and alliance flippers -- with all of them firmly eyeing the $500,000 prize that's days away from being awarded by Jonathan LaPaglia.

After Simon's (sort of) surprise departure, Soli Bula is made up of a majority of Champions (Abbey, Janine, Luke, Pia) with just two original Contenders (Harry and Baden) left. But the split doesn't mean that the next tribal council vote will be decided according to traditional alliances because almost anything could happen as the contestants weigh up their best path to making the final two.

In alphabetical order, here's our guide to the final six!

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Nickname: Abbey has managed to make it this far without earning an edgy nickname, which is probably a good thing. Nicknames mean a target has been placed firmly on your back (as Harry knew when he christened Janine 'The Godmother'), but the AFLW player has managed to cruise under the nicknames radar.

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Biggest Play: Once in a comfy alliance with Janine and Pia, Abbey withdrew from the trio, teaming up with Harry and Baden, to send Simon to Exile Beach, and then to Jury Villa. The move put The Godmother and The Smiling Assassin at the bottom of the food chain and Abbey firmly at the top. It's the second alliance Abbey has flipped on (the doomed Athletes' Alliance) but she's definitely been underestimated strategically, so far.

Individual Immunity Wins: 0. Abbey has a bad habit of coming second or third in challenges. The skilled athlete pushes herself to her limit, only to be just edged out in the final few minutes. Which goes to show that Baden and Harry have the right idea when they give up almost immediately when placed in gnarly physical tests.

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Nickname: Puzzle Beast. It's not a nickname that he's regularly called around camp but the physics scholar has proven that he's got a real knack for fitting wooden pieces together quickly.

Biggest Play: Baden has been steadily treading water as the number of Contenders has dwindled to two. But while he's often been involved in weak alliances, he's across what everyone's doing and trusted by all, possibly because they'd feel comfortable taking him to the final two. His resilience has paid off as he successfully recruited Abbey and Luke to join his duo with Dirty Harry, knocking Pia and Janine off their power perch.

Individual Immunity Wins: 0. Baden doesn't need idols, he's much more invested in his successful social game!

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Nickname: Dirty Harry, The Cockroach. Both nicknames have been repeatedly used by his nemesis, Janine, who has been frustrated by his ability to survive targeted attacks at tribal.

Biggest Play: The first big move Harry made was the tribal council when he exposed his own lies (and his fake son Oscar) in an attempt to get his tribemates to vote for him. Even though it was unsuccessful because the vote turned into the Champions poaching Shaun, it showed that Harry is not afraid of lobbing a few grenades into the mix just to cackle at the chaos.

His cockroach status meant Janine was eventually forced to work with him --before he turned on her again after poaching Abbey.

Individual Immunity Wins: 0. Harry is more of an idol hunter than someone that's going to come first in a physical challenge, he knows his role.

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Nickname: The Godmother/The Perfumed Scorpion.

Biggest Play: Every day is a new opportunity for a big play because Janine loves negotiating, making deals and talking as though she's sending out a group email peppered with phrases like ~moving forward~ and ~circling back~.

With Pia by her side, Janine has been involved in picking off several Contenders but her biggest play was helping to orchestrate David's blistering blindside.

Individual Immunity Wins: 1. Janine is already considered a leader (bad) but her first idol win placed another target on her back (very bad). The skilled yogi barely broke a sweat as she balanced a ball above her head longer than anyone else AND was successfully psyching people out with her passive-aggressive persuasiveness.

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Nickname: King Of The Jungle, baby! This is Luke's second round in the 'Survivor' rodeo and he's rightfully earnt his nickname. He knows how the game works and is usually thinking at least three steps ahead.

Biggest Play: The only time Luke has been left out of the loop was when his closest mate in the game, David, was blindsided. But the King quickly bounced back and has been involved with both Janine and Pia, and now Baden, Abbey and Harry.

Individual Immunity Wins: 2. Even though he's not an athlete, Lukey has managed to nab more necklaces than anyone else on Soli Bula. He's got physical strength, adequate puzzle abilities and the capacity for endurance. The People's Champion is pretty much unstoppable and if anyone blindsides him they'll have the population of Australia to answer to.

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Nickname: The Smiling Assassin. Pia has leant in hard on the Italian mafia persona, happily agreeing that she's The Smiling Assassin, modelling herself on Joe Pesci's 'Goodfellas' character. Janine also frequently reminds us that her mate is Sicilian and she's not here to muck around.

Biggest Play: Truly, it was Pia who swung the axe at David's blindside. She'd been fake laughing like a pro with the international model but had secretly been planning his exit for a while. Abbey's recent defection from the trio has proven that Pia and Janine flew too close to the sun but the super fan usually has a way of escaping the chopping block.

Individual Immunity Wins: 1. Pia won her first immunity necklace after holding on to that bar for an absolute lifetime. Even though eagle-eyed viewers accused her of cheating, we're pretty sure the win was legit and she just had the least amount of body weight to hold up.

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