Gillian Anderson 'Falling In Love' With Margaret Thatcher Has 'The Crown' Fans Conflicted

After it was revealed that Gillian Anderson is set to play Margaret Thatcher in season four of Netflix series 'The Crown', fans seemed to be divided over the star's comments about the controversial former British PM.

The X-Files star shared a post from 'The Crown's official Twitter profile, in which she called the late former British Prime Minister a “complicated and controversial woman” who was “undoubtedly formidable”.

She added that she was "relishing exploring beneath the surface and, dare I say, falling in love with the icon who... defined an era."

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Some, however, took issue with Anderson's choice of phrase regarding the controversial PM, with one person replying: "'Falling in love' with the person responsible for Section 28, dead miners, and the utter obliteration of working-class communities. Cool Gillian, very cool."

Another added that "Gillian Anderson playing Thatcher is like Tom Hanks playing Hitler! Sure, they would do a great job, but it just feels wrong!!"

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On the flip side, many social media users have praised the show's choice of casting, as well as coming to the defence of Anderson, with podcast host Tina Wargo pointing out that male actors are often praised and receive awards when undertaking controversial roles.

"When Gillian Anderson plays Thatcher: 'I just don’t know how I’m supposed to support her still when she’s playing such a divisive character.' When men play literal Hitler: 'a great actor such range,'" tweeted Wargo.

Season four of 'The Crown' will also star Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and is currently in production, while season three, which stars Oscar winner Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, is set to drop on Netflix in November.